Rate of Pay Sample Clauses

Rate of Pay a. An Employee who is employed as a teacher teaching on call shall be paid 1/189 of his/her category classification and experience, to a maximum of the rate at Category 5 Step 7, for each full day worked.
Rate of Pay a. Employees who are employed as teachers on call shall be paid the rate specified below for each full day worked for the first three (3) days. Any provision in the Previous Collective Agreement which provides a superior daily rate shall remain part of the Collective Agreement.
Rate of Pay a. An Employee who is employed as a TTOC shall be paid 1/189 of their category classification and experience, to a maximum of the rate at Category 5 Step 8, for each full day worked. Local Provisions
Rate of Pay. 8. Classification
Rate of Pay. Compensation for use of accrued vacation shall be at the employee's prevailing straight time rate of pay.
Rate of Pay. Employees shall be paid in accordance with the rates of pay negotiated by the Parties of this Agreement. For information purposes, the applicable rates of pay are recorded as Appendix A to this Agreement.
Rate of Pay. Pay shall be at the employee's straight time hourly earned rate for the payroll period in which the death occurred. It is agreed that the employee may be required to furnish verification of the date of death, date of funeral and relationship to the deceased.
Rate of Pay. An employee temporarily assigned higher level duties under the provisions of Section II.a, will continue to receive the rate of pay for his/her regular classification and pay grade. Upon completion of a qualifying period of thirty (30) working days during any ninety (90) calendar day period on such assignment, such employee shall become eligible for additional compensation. The higher compensation shall begin on the 31st working day of the assignment and shall continue thereafter for each day that the employee works in such assignment. Each such temporary assignment shall require completion of a new qualifying period each fiscal year, except when such assignment is either continuous or in the same City department, office or bureau. The employee qualifying for additional compensation shall receive salary at the second premium level (5.5%) above the appropriate biweekly rate for his/her class for each day on duty in such assignment. In the event that said assignment exceeds one hundred eighty (180) consecutive calendar days, Management will initiate a request to provide the higher level position authority, or initiate action to appoint a qualified employee to said position.
Rate of Pay. In the event an employee is working out of class, in accordance with this Article and Section, the employee will receive a 5% increase to their hourly wage or be paid at the starting rate of the higher classification, whichever is greater.
Rate of Pay. Time and one-half the employee’s regular hourly rate of pay shall be paid for work under any of the following conditions, but compensation shall not be paid twice for the same hours.