Article 10 definition

Article 10. Courses Taught in Addition to Assigned Duties, including Summer Session Courses (Excluding Sessional Lecturers)
Article 10. No later than Fall 2020, the parties agree to establish a joint committee to do research and make recommendations to the parties’ bargaining teams about creating a fund for Group III including plan usage and qualifications. No later than Fall of 2021, the parties agree to negotiate the issue of Group III coverage/assistance during the 2021-2022 contract year.
Article 10. Fees, expenses and mode of payment 10.1 In return for the fulfilment by the Service Provider of its obligations under the contract, the Council undertakes to pay the Service Provider a [annual/monthly]/global] fee of € …, [VAT excluding/including]. This fee is final and not subject to review. 10.2 The Service Provider shall submit a request for payment in triplicate and in Euros in conformity with the applicable legislation. 10.3 This sum shall be payable within 60 calendar days upon receipt of the deliverables of the contract (listed in Appendix I) and its acceptance by the Council and on presentation of an invoice in and in Euros. Стаття 10 - Тарифи, витрати та методи оплати 10.1 За Послуги, надані Виконавцем у межах його обов'язків за Договором, Рада Європи зобов'язується сплатити Виконавцеві [щорічно/щомісяця]/усього] суму в розмірі …, євро [з/без ПДВ]. Зазначена сума є остаточною і не підлягає обговоренню. 10.2 Виконавець має надати запит на отримання оплати в трьох примірниках, зазначивши суму в євро і дотримуючись вимог чинного законодавства. 10.3 Ця сума має бути оплачена згідно з рахунком в євро протягом 60 календарних днів з дати отримання послуг за Договором (як зазначено в Додатку І) та їхнього прийняття Радою Європи.

Examples of Article 10 in a sentence

  • An Athlete’s Fault is taken into consideration in determining the Consequences of this anti-doping rule violation under Article 10.

  • This application complies with the requirements for determining the financial contributions as laid down in Article 10 of Regulation (EC) No 1927/2006.

  • The use of any such term or adjective is not intended to and shall not be effective to assign to Engineer any duty or authority to supervise or direct the performance of the Work, or any duty or authority to undertake responsibility contrary to the provisions of Article 10 or any other provision of the Contract Documents.

  • For purposes of applying Article 10, Substances of Abuse shall include those Prohibited Substances which are specifically identified as Substances of Abuse on the Prohibited List because they are frequently abused in society outside of the context of sport.

  • Holds that there has been a violation of Article 10 of the Convention; 3.

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Article 10. Parties "carry out recovery, management, planning and other measures to effect the survival of [endangered or threatened] species" and regulate or prohibit activities having "adverse effects on such species or their habitats."
Article 10. In the final sentence, change “three years” to “six years.” Article 11
Article 10. Grant of Security Interest:......................................................... 85 101 - Grant of Security Interest......................................................... 85 102 - Extent and Duration of Security Interest........................................... 86
Article 10. Stable, equitable, favourable, transparent investment conditions; Investors to have the better of national treatment or most- favoured-nation treatment. Article 13: Expropriation only permitted under following conditions: • Public interest • Non-discriminatory • Under due process of law • Prompt, adequate and effective compensation Article 12: Compensation to foreign investors must be equal to best accorded to local/MFN investors Article 11: States cannot prevent employment of foreign nationals so long as usual permits obtained Article 14: Transfer of payments in freely convertible currency Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) Co-operation/co-ordination agreement on cross-jurisdictional issues • One pipeline system or two? • Governing law • Title to the goods in transit • Tax • Environment & safety • Technical standards integration • Abandonment Host Government Agreement (HGA) Contains ECT investor protections, but also: • Applies to the factual matrix • Ensures day-to-day facilitation and implementation • Provides more detail - “Project Charter” • Deals with access to the infrastructure • Better tool for liaison with local authorities • Higher evidential value in disputes 8 Article 26: Investor-state arbitration: – ICSID – UNCITRAL arbitration – Arbitration Institute of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce – Award is final but note ICSID annulment procedure Article 27 – inter-state arbitration - UNCITRAL arbitration Article 29 – trade disputes (one state not WTO member) Many FSU states are signatories to New York Convention A company can bring an action under the ECHR
Article 10. La Lettonie se réserve le droit de ne pas inclure l’obligation, pour les autorités compétentes, de régler d’un commun accord les modalités d’application du paragraphe 2. Elle réserve également sa position sur les taux prévus au paragraphe 2. Article 10, paragraphe 3 : La Lettonie se réserve le droit de remplacer, au paragraphe 3, l’expression « revenus d’autres parts sociales » par « revenus d’autres droits ».
Article 10. Builder's Representations, Covenants And Indemnities............ 47 1.
Article 10. Handover of Leasing Assets