Pursuant to Article Sample Clauses

Pursuant to Article. 36.3.4 above, the canceling of the teaching contracts shall be as follows: the teaching contracts of all teachers within an endorsement area within Group 1 shall be canceled before any of the teaching contracts of teachers within Group 2 are canceled; the teaching contracts of all teachers within an endorsement area within Group 2 shall be canceled before any of the teaching contracts of teachers within Group 3 are canceled; and so on. A teacher whose contract is considered for cancellation in one (1) endorsement area shall have the option to displace another teacher in a “different endorsement area” if such displacing teacher (a) then holds an endorsement in the “different endorsement area” and then (b) the displaced teacher is in a lower-numbered Group than the displacing teacher.
Pursuant to Article. 14.09 of the Collective Agreement, an employee may bank up to one hundred and fifty (150) hours as lieu time off for overtime worked. Any hours above one hundred and fifty (150) shall be paid out at the appropriate hourly rate. This provision will apply to both full time and regular part time employees. Lieu time resulting in overtime worked shall be taken at a mutually agreeable time.
Pursuant to Article. 15.2 of the Basic Agreement, in the field referred to in subparagraph (m) of Article 15.1 of the Basic Agreement:
Pursuant to Article. 33.02 and in recognition of the diversity of the workforce, employees shall be entitled to five (5) consecutive days off, inclusive of three (3) allotted special leave days. These days may be taken at a time important to the employee subject to the Employer’s ability to maintain necessary service coverage.
Pursuant to Article. I(A) of the Agreement, the Parties hereby exercise their right to extend the Renewal Term for an additional year, expiring on June 30, 2022, unless sooner terminated pursuant to Article 4 of the Agreement.
Pursuant to Article. 33 Market Share & Recovery Amending Provisions, a local negotiating process will be initiated to address the issue(s).
Pursuant to Article. 4 the High Contracting Parties shall exert their maximum efforts multilaterally as well as bilaterally on the basis of equality, non-discrimination and mutual benefit.
Pursuant to Article. 11 – Grievance and Arbitration Procedure, the decision to layoff is only grievable if an Employee who receives written notice of layoff contests the decision because of an alleged violation of this Agreement or an alleged violation of an Employee’s constitutional rights.
Pursuant to Article. 18 par. 1, the obligated producer of EEE who infringes par. 11 of Article 4B of Law 4496/2017, that is the obligation to participate in the National Producers Registry, shall be subject to an administrative fine equal to twice the amount of the financial contributions which had to pay to a Collective Scheme of Alternative Management during the period of the infringement.
Pursuant to Article. 11.1.1 of the Plan, the Sponsor hereby adopts this Amendment on behalf of all Primary Employers. This amendment is effective beginning for limitation years beginning on or after July 1, 2007. This amendment supersedes any provisions of the Plan to the extent to which they are inconsistent with the provisions of this Amendment. Each section in the Base Plan Document #03 referenced below shall be amended as indicated. Any other section below shall be a general amendment to the Prototype Plan.