Time Position definition

Time Position means a position in which:
Time Position means a position in which the duties are of a continuing nature and in which the incumbent is required to work full-time.
Time Position means a position in which the duties are performed during a defined period and in which the incumbent is required to work less than full-time but not fewer than forty percent (40%) of the working hours per week for the categories specified in clauses 21.1 (a) or 21.1 (b) for more than twelve (12) consecutive weeks and not more than

Examples of Time Position in a sentence

  • AnnualSalary FringeRate % of Time Position provides direct client services including nutrition assessment, education and breastfeeding education.

  • The job classification of Sub-Foreperson, Lead Parks Attendant and Parks Attendant will be posted as either a Limited Position or a Seasonal Part Time Position.

  • Full Time Position (unless otherwise noted) Paid Hours per day Lunch Total Hours per day Work Year, including holidays Preschool Instructional Assistant (Blended Classrooms) Mon-Fri 6.5 hours 30 7 Includes all student attendance days, plus 2 inservice days in August, plus 8 paid holidays, plus 13 hours additional time for professional learning and collaboration Preschool Instructional Assistant (RISE) Mon.-Fri.

  • Consideration of: Creation of Part Time Position for Farmers Market Manager Motion Smith; support Bell to approve the hiring of a Farmers Market Manager at an estimated cost of $6,800 for 450 hours for the 2019 season.

  • If the function “Real Time Position Transfer” is selected for a position transfer, the transfer of the relevant positions in the system of Eurex Clearing AG shall be made as soon as all Non-Clearing Members, Registered Customers (if applicable) and Clearing Members involved have confirmed the entry of the transfer as binding.

  • Department Heads who become a Regular Position Employee with no Break in Employment will receive credit for the years they served as a Department Head in determining their vacation accrual rate.11.033 Regular Position Employees who move to a Part Time Position, Temporary Position, or Model Position within the same department without a Break in Service forfeit their Vacation Leave balances.

  • XXXXX MEMORIAL ARENA S S M T W T F Full Time Position 1 X X E E E E E E = EVENING SHIFT 4:00 P.M. TO 12:00 A.M. Note: Part Time Employees will be scheduled subject to operational need.

  • XXXXX MEMORIAL ARENA S S M T W T F Full Time Position 1 X X E E E E E E = EVENING SHIFT 4:00 P.M. TO 12:00 A.M. Part Time Employees will work variable hours subject to operational need "B:19" SHIFT SCHEDULE - SUDBURY COMMUNITY ARENA Empl.

  • Dare to Answer We’re on the prowl for adventurous spirits to add to our herd:Cashier / Clerk / Stenographer (Full Time Position) Labourer/Janitor – Public Works(Full Time Position) For more information on these postings please visit our website at www.elkford.ca.

  • McGinnis who resigned) Eligible for Tenure: September 1, 2017 Professional Staff – Part Time Position NamePositionEffec.

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Time Position means a position in which: the of a continuing nature; the incumbent. is assigned full-time professional support, and the period is (52) weeks annually. No continuing position shall be for a period fewer than fifty-two (52) weeks.

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  • Queue Position means the priority assigned to an Interconnection Request, a Completed Application, or an Upgrade Request pursuant to applicable provisions of Tariff, Part VI.

  • Eligible position or "full-time job" means a full-time position

  • Comparable Position means a position where:

  • Ineligible position means any position which does not

  • Full-time position means a position of gainful employment where the number of hours worked by the employee is not less than 30 hours during any given work week.

  • Competitive Position means any employment with a Competitor in which Executive will use or is likely to use any Confidential Information or Trade Secrets, or in which Executive has duties for such Competitor that relate to Competitive Services and that are the same or similar to those services actually performed by Executive for the Company;

  • Safety-sensitive position means a job, including any supervisory or management position, in which an impairment caused by drug or alcohol usage would threaten the health or safety of any person.

  • Net Sell Position means the amount of Net Obligation when Net Obligation is negative.

  • Shielded position means the location within the radiographic exposure device or storage container which, by manufacturer's design, is the proper location for storage of the sealed source.

  • State elective position means any position held by any

  • Derivative Positions means, with respect to a stockholder or any Stockholder Associated Person, any derivative positions including, without limitation, any short position, profits interest, option, warrant, convertible security, stock appreciation right, or similar right with an exercise or conversion privilege or a settlement payment or mechanism at a price related to any class or series of shares of the Corporation or with a value derived in whole or in part from the value of any class or series of shares of the Corporation, whether or not such instrument or right shall be subject to settlement in the underlying class or series of capital stock of the Corporation or otherwise and any performance-related fees to which such stockholder or any Stockholder Associated Person is entitled based, directly or indirectly, on any increase or decrease in the value of shares of capital stock of the Corporation;

  • Matched Positions for CFD trading shall mean Long and Short Positions of the same Transaction Size opened on the Client Account for the same CFD.

  • Task(s means one or more functions, if specified in the Contract Documents, to be performed by the Contractor for the State.

  • COO means Chief Operating Officer;

  • Active business operations means all business operations that are not inactive business operations.

  • Front position lamp means the lamp used to indicate the presence of the vehicle when viewed from the front;

  • Covered position means a position in which the employee must be a member of the retirement

  • Qualifying position means one or more jobs with one or more participating public em-

  • Substantial and Compelling Reason in the Public Interest means a reason that is justified by an important, specific, and articulated public interest goal that is within ICANN's mission and consistent with a balanced application of ICANN's core values as defined in ICANN's Bylaws.

  • Inactive business operations means the mere continued holding or renewal of rights to property previously operated for the purpose of generating revenues but not presently deployed for such purpose.

  • Long Position for CFD trading shall mean a buy position that appreciates in value if underlying market prices increase. For example, in respect of Currency Pairs: buying the Base Currency against the Quote Currency.

  • Closed Position means the opposite of an Open Position.

  • Regular Position means an individual Nurse’s job defined as a percentage of full-time hours as set out in the appointment letter referred to in Article 15.

  • Position means a square, circle, rectangle, or other geometric shape on a ballot

  • Initial Operation means the first integral operation of the complete equipment covered under the Contract with the sub-system and supporting equipment in service or available for service.

  • relevant position , in relation to a business, means the position of director or manager, or other executive position, however that position is designated;