Temporary Position Sample Clauses

Temporary Position. A temporary position may be established by the employer to provide alternative work for an employee pending an expected suitable vacancy. If the vacancy does not eventuate then the surplus staff provisions will apply.
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Temporary Position. (i) is a position that the Employer has determined will be in excess of eight
Temporary Position. (a) is a position that the Employer has determined will be in excess of ten (10) consecutive work days. A Temporary Position may be either a new position for the designated period or a temporary vacancy of a Regular Position.
Temporary Position. The term “temporary position” or “temporary assignment” is any position and/or assignment which is not defined as a year-round position or assignment. Upon completion of a temporary assignment, Employees will return to their previously assigned positions.
Temporary Position a temporary position resulting from:
Temporary Position. A position having a duration of four months or less. 31 After four months, the Hospital will review the need for the position to determine if the 32 temporary status should be continued for up to an additional two months or if the 33 position should be eliminated or posted as a regular position. A temporary position 34 extension shall require mutual agreement between the Association and the Hospital.
Temporary Position. A temporary position is one created to fill a specific work requirement or replace an employee on leave. These positions shall be for a limited duration, no more than one year, that must be specified in advance. Such a position may be filled by a casual or a regular employee depending on the requirements of the position. Such a position shall not displace any currently hired full time, part time, casual Front of House, or casual stage employees. The Union shall be notified in advance of any such postings.
Temporary Position. A temporary position is a position created to respond to a temporary increase in workload, the absence of a regular employee or the need to complete job/task for a fixed term. A temporary position may extend for a period of up to twenty-four (24) calendar months. A permanent full-time or permanent part-time employee who fills a temporary position will retain his/her permanent status. While employed in the temporary position, he/she will receive benefits based on the number of scheduled hours of work, for the duration of the temporary position. A permanent employee shall revert to their permanent position and office at the end of the temporary position if available. The employee will not be eligible to have his/her application for a further temporary position considered for a period of up to six (6) months from the date of return to his/her permanent position unless the “employer” agrees that having the employee accept another temporary position, without returning to their permanent position, would be mutually agreeable. For purposes of this Article, it is understood that the “employer” is the permanent “home” position of the employee. It is also understood, for purposes of this Article, that the cumulative period of time a permanent employee may be absent from their permanent “home” position may not exceed twenty-four (24) months.
Temporary Position. The other portion of a job share arrangement is filled with a temporary employee who is subject to all of the rights and privileges of temporary employees. The term of the temporary employee is open ended and ends when the permanent job holder terminates the job share arrangement. If the temporary employee resigns/retires from the job share, the temporary position shall be posted.
Temporary Position. “A temporary position is one created to fill a specific work requirement which is anticipated to be of limited duration. All temporary positions in excess of sixty