Length of Service Sample Clauses

Length of Service. For purposes of this Agreement and the method of computing sick leave, annual leave, seniority, and other conditions of employment, except as otherwise provided for herein, a “month” shall be defined as 173.3 hours of work, and a year shall be defined as 2080 hours of work. For purposes of computing longevity (wage) increments and annual leave progression steps, a “year” shall be defined as 1664 hours of work or twelve (12) months, whichever comes last. Time paid for but not worked (excluding standby pay) shall be regarded as time worked for purposes of computing wages and benefits. Time worked which is paid on an overtime basis shall count as time worked for purposes of computing wages and benefits not to exceed 2080 hours within any twelve (12) month period.
Length of Service. Subject to the requirements of affirmative action and equal employment opportunity, if two or more employees are being considered for the same position and are equal in every respect, the position shall be given to the employee with the greater amount of seniority as defined in Article 28 - Seniority.
Length of Service. For the purpose of this agreement, length of service will be defined as an employee’s length of continuous service with the Board since the hire date. An employee’s continuous service in a position shall be broken by voluntary resignation, non-reappointment to a position unless rehired prior to the first contract day of the next school year, termination by discharge, abandonment of a position or retirement.
Length of Service. The candidate must have at least four years of Full-time university faculty membership in the rank of Assistant Professor completed by the date of promotion. For the purpose of determining length of service at rank, faculty members who receive an adjustment in rank as a result of completing requirements for new academic credentials, e.g. completion of Ph.D. requirements, within ninety (90) days of the commencement of a new Academic Year, shall be entitled to claim a full year of service for that Academic Year.
Length of Service. If after considering the factors listed above a transfer candidate cannot be identified, the teacher who has been employed by the District for the greater length of time will remain.
Length of Service. The length of service for an employee who remains continuously employed by the Municipality shall be measured from the date of the employee’s most recent date of hire for municipal employment and used to compute leave accrual rate, pay entitlement, and seniority excluding:
Length of Service. Refers to the period of service as a regular classified employee within one or more classifications.
Length of Service. The candidate must have at least four full-years Full-time University faculty membership completed by the date of conferral.
Length of Service. When more than one person qualifies for a particular position under the criteria listed above, the employee who has the greatest length of teaching service in the State of Washington shall be given the position. Length of teaching service is defined as years of teaching service and/or fractions of said years. If candidates for the position have equal experience in the State of Washington, total years of teaching service shall be the deciding factor.
Length of Service. The definition of this term is added to Section 13. Length of Service shall be inclusive of original hire dates with the City prior to the Agreement. Temporary Assignment Pay – When two (2) consecutive days of a temporary assignment made pursuant to section 5.12 of the Personnel Policy Manual, an employee shall be entitled to Temporary Assignment pay as provided in section 5.12.3(3) of the Personnel Policy Manual. Special Assignment Pay – Special assignment pay is available to Bargaining Unit employees as provided in section 5.12 of the Personnel Policy Manual. Vehicle Usage Policy – Vehicle usage is available to Bargaining Unit employees as provided in section 2.28 of the Personnel Policy Manual.