DISTRICT SHALL a. Be the party responsible for soliciting, receiving and opening of bids and for executing and administering the construction CONTRACT for the roadway reconstruction and City Water and Sewer Improvements referenced herein, which CONTRACT shall include, inter alia, a provision that all work required for the City Water and Sewer Improvements shall be performed in conformance with the most current edition of the Idaho Standards for Public Works Construction (ISPWC) and the most current City of MERIDIAN Supplemental Specifications to the ISPWC. It is hereby specifically agreed that:
DISTRICT SHALL. 1. Ensure the use of only College established and approved curriculum by all dual enrollment faculty.
DISTRICT SHALL. 1. Inform all secondary students and their parents of dual enrollment as an educational option and mechanism for acceleration. Students and their parents shall be informed of:
DISTRICT SHALL. (i) keep, and cause its authorized users to agree to keep all passwords and system access information confidential in order to protect the integrity of the CMC SaaS and District Data; (ii) implement and maintain adequate privacy protections and security measures to comply with security and privacy laws and regulations; and (iii) not send personally identifiable information to Contractor except by secure transfer and in a manner authorized by Contractor. Password, authentication keys or security credentials that enable District’s access to and management of the CMC SaaS (“Login Credentials”) are for District’s internal use only and District is responsible for any use that occurs under Login Credentials.