BE ADVISED Sample Clauses

BE ADVISED. It is the Parents/Guardians responsibility to pick up student medication by student dismissal the last day of the school. Medications left unclaimed will be disposed of according to the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) “Guidelines for Medication Administration (2008).” Signature of Parent or Guardian Month/Day/Year PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER (PCP) SIGNED ORDER FOR MEDICATION This form must be completed for any medication a student will need to take during school hours. Please be aware that any medications, including samples, must have a medication label to be administered at school. Student’s Name: Grade: Date of Birth: / / Medication/Treatment Name (one per form) Dosage: Route: Frequency: Times given at School: Starting date: / / Ending date: / / or until end of school year 2021-2022 Purpose of Medication: Allergies: NKDA Other: Possible Side Effects: Phone: Fax:

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  • The Advisor The Advisor has been duly formed and validly exists as a limited liability company in good standing under the laws of the State of Delaware with full power and authority to conduct the business in which it is engaged as described in the Prospectus. The Advisor is duly qualified to do business as a foreign limited liability company and is in good standing in each other jurisdiction in which it owns or leases property of a nature, or transacts business of a type, that would make such qualification necessary, except where the failure to be so qualified or in good standing could not reasonably be expected to have, individually or in the aggregate, a Material Adverse Effect.

  • Client Agency Any department, commission, board, bureau, agency, institution, public authority, office, council, association, instrumentality or political subdivision of the State of Connecticut, as applicable, who is authorized and chooses to make purchases under, and pursuant to the terms and conditions of, this Contract.

  • Disclosure about Sub-Adviser The Sub-Adviser has reviewed the most recent Post-Effective Amendment to the Registration Statement for the Trust filed with the SEC that contains disclosure about the Sub-Adviser, and represents and warrants that, with respect to the disclosure about the Sub-Adviser or information relating, directly or indirectly, to the Sub-Adviser, such Registration Statement contains, as of the date hereof, no untrue statement of any material fact and does not omit any statement of a material fact which was required to be stated therein or necessary to make the statements contained therein, in light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading. The Sub-Adviser further represents and warrants that it is a duly registered investment adviser under the Advisers Act and will maintain such registration so long as this Agreement remains in effect. The Sub-Adviser will provide the Manager with a copy of the Sub-Adviser’s Form ADV, Part II at the time the Form ADV is filed with the SEC.

  • Resident Agent The Trust shall maintain a resident agent in the State of Delaware, which agent shall initially be The Corporation Trust Company, 0000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 00000. The Trustees may designate a successor resident agent, provided, however, that such appointment shall not become effective until written notice thereof is delivered to the office of the Secretary of the State.

  • Sub-Advisers All Services to be furnished by the Adviser under this Agreement may be furnished through the medium of any directors, officers or employees of the Adviser or through such other parties as the Adviser may determine from time to time, including, without limitation, to the extent approved by the Board, and consistent with the 1940 Act and with all applicable laws and regulations (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Rules”), any investment sub-adviser. In such case, the Adviser will oversee the sub-adviser in carrying out the Services and such retention of one or more sub-advisers will in no way reduce the responsibilities or obligations of the Adviser under this Agreement and the Adviser will, subject to Section 8 of this Agreement, be responsible to the Trust for all acts or omissions of any sub-adviser in connection with the performance of the Adviser’s duties hereunder.

  • Investment Manager The Trustees may, at any time and from time to time, contract for exclusive or nonexclusive advisory, management and, if applicable, administrative services for the Trust or for any Portfolio with any Person; and any such contract may contain such other terms as the Trustees may determine, including without limitation, authority for the Investment Manager to determine from time to time without prior consultation with the Trustees what investments shall be purchased, held, sold or exchanged and what portion, if any, of the assets of the Trust shall be held uninvested and to make changes in the Trust’s investments, and such other responsibilities as may specifically be delegated to such Person. The Trustees may authorize the Investment Manager to employ, from time to time, one or more sub-advisers to perform such of the acts and services of the Investment Manager, and upon such terms and conditions, as may be agreed among the Trustees, the Investment Manager and sub-adviser. Any reference in this Declaration of Trust to the Investment Manager shall be deemed to include such sub-advisers, unless the context otherwise requires.

  • Sub-Adviser The Sub-Adviser hereby represents, warrants and covenants to the Adviser and the Trust as follows: (i) the Sub-Adviser is a limited liability company duly organized and in good standing under the laws of the State of Delaware and is fully authorized to enter into this Agreement and carry out its duties and obligations hereunder; (ii) the Sub-Adviser is registered as an investment adviser under the Advisers Act, and shall maintain such registration in effect at all times during the term of this Agreement; (iii) the Sub-Adviser shall on an annual basis, promptly after its completion, provide the Trust and the Adviser with the Sub-Adviser’s written report demonstrating its compliance with, Rule 206(4)-7 under the Advisers Act; and (iv) the Sub-Adviser will provide accurate and complete information upon reasonable request from the Adviser or the Trust in connection with (y) the preparation of the registration statement or other documents for the Fund and (z) the compliance obligations of the Trust. In addition, the Sub-Adviser agrees to promptly provide the Trust with notice, as well as any related documentation reasonably requested by the Trust, upon:

  • Investment Adviser and Investment Sub-Adviser The Trustees may in their discretion, from time to time, enter into an investment advisory or management contract or contracts with respect to the Trust or any Series whereby the other party or parties to such contract or contracts shall undertake to furnish the Trust with such management, investment advisory, statistical and research facilities and services and such other facilities and services, if any, and all upon such terms and conditions, as the Trustees may in their discretion determine. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Trust Instrument, the Trustees may authorize any investment adviser (subject to such general or specific instructions as the Trustees may from time to time adopt) to effect purchases, sales or exchanges of portfolio securities, other investment instruments of the Trust, or other Trust Property on behalf of the Trustees, or may authorize any officer, employee, agent, or Trustee to effect such purchases, sales or exchanges pursuant to recommendations of the investment adviser (and all without further action by the Trustees). Any such purchases, sales and exchanges shall be deemed to have been authorized by the Trustees. The Trustees may authorize, subject to applicable requirements of the 1940 Act, the investment adviser to employ, from time to time, one or more sub-advisers to perform such of the acts and services of the investment adviser, and upon such terms and conditions, as may be agreed upon between the investment adviser and sub-adviser. Any reference in this Trust Instrument to the investment adviser shall be deemed to include such sub-advisers, unless the context otherwise requires.

  • Sponsor Any Person which (i) is directly or indirectly instrumental in organizing, wholly or in part, the Corporation, (ii) will control, manage or participate in the management of the Corporation, and any Affiliate of any such Person, (iii) takes the initiative, directly or indirectly, in founding or organizing the Corporation, either alone or in conjunction with one or more other Persons, (iv) receives a material participation in the Corporation in connection with the founding or organizing of the business of the Corporation, in consideration of services or property, or both services and property, (v) has a substantial number of relationships and contacts with the Corporation, (vi) possesses significant rights to control Properties, (vii) receives fees for providing services to the Corporation which are paid on a basis that is not customary in the industry, or (viii) provides goods or services to the Corporation on a basis which was not negotiated at arm’s-length with the Corporation. “Sponsor” does not include any Person whose only relationship with the Corporation is that of an independent property manager and whose only compensation is as such, or wholly independent third parties such as attorneys, accountants and underwriters whose only compensation is for professional services.

  • The Manager The Manager assumes and shall pay for maintaining the staff and personnel necessary to perform its obligations under this Agreement, and shall at its own expense, provide the office space, equipment and facilities which it is obligated to provide under Article I hereof, and shall pay all compensation of officers of the Fund and all Directors who are affiliated persons of the Manager.