Definition of Temporary Employee

Temporary Employee means any individual who is (i) employed by the Employer for a temporary period or without a regular work schedule, and (ii) classified by the Employer as temporary.

Examples of Temporary Employee in a sentence

A temporary employee may be offered and may accept a new temporary assignment with the Company and may retain his status as a Temporary Employee.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, if a Temporary Employee completes at least 1,000 hours of service between July 19, 2004 and June 29, 2005, such Temporary Employee shall be eligible to become a Member of the Plan as of any Enrollment Date coinciding with or next succeeding the date on which such Temporary Employee completes 1,000 Hours of Service if he is then employed by an Employer.
For this purpose, the eligibility requirements from Section 2.1 that are applied will be the requirements that apply to the job classification that the Covered Employee has upon return to Covered Employee status (e.g., Temporary Employee or otherwise).
A Temporary Employee is one who is hired on a short-term basis and has been employed by the Company for less than twelve (12) continuous months or if assigned to a specific project, for the contracted time of that project.
For this purpose, -15- 21 the term "Temporary Employee" shall have the same meaning as in the Hourly Pension Plan.