Definition of Temporary Employee

Temporary Employee means a person appointed to fill an emergency, temporary or short-term need, or to fill a position for which no register is available.
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Temporary Employee means any County Employee who is identified and classified for payroll purposes as a "temporary employee
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Temporary Employee means Staff employed for short periods (being less than twelve (12) months) fixed basis who are not Casual Employees.

Examples of Temporary Employee in a sentence

Seller has performed with respect to each Staff Employee, Temporary Employee, Independent Contractor and Independent Contractor Employee, such investigations, background checks, reviews and other inquiries as required by Law and as are consistent with those performed by other companies engaged in the business of providing temporary staffing and employment services.
A temporary employee may be offered and may accept a new temporary assignment with the Company and may retain his status as a Temporary Employee.
ARTICLE 13 - MISCELLANEOUS 13.1 Temporary Employee Loans and Exchanges A.
Unless otherwise elected by the Primary Employer in the Adoption Agreement for a nonstandardized plan, the term "Eligible Employee" does not include any other common law employee, any Leased Employee, or any individual classified by his or her Employer as a Temporary Employee, as defined in Section 1.99.
For this purpose, -15- 21 the term "Temporary Employee" shall have the same meaning as in the Hourly Pension Plan.

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Temporary Employee means a bargaining unit member employed in accordance with
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