Work Location Sample Clauses

Work Location. While employed by the Company hereunder, the Executive shall perform his duties (when not traveling or engaged elsewhere in the performance of his duties) at the offices of the Company in Bermuda. The Executive shall travel to such places on the business of the Company in such manner and on such occasions as the Company may from time to time reasonably require.
Work Location. (a) Every employee covered by this Agreement shall be assigned a designated headquarters. When temporarily assigned another work location, time spent in travel from the employee's residence to the new work location in excess of time normally spent in travel from the employee's residence to his designated headquarters shall be considered as time worked.
Work Location. 10.1 Employees shall report to work location as assigned by a designated Employer supervisor. During the normal work day employees may be assigned to other work locations at the discretion of the Employer.
Work Location. Work location shall be defined as all the premises of a Department in a county, except that each of the following shall be considered a separate work location: A building or group of buildings which constitute a facility, correction center, or camp in the Department of Health and Human Services or the Department of Corrections. It is understood that each of the agencies listed in Appendix A of this Agreement is a separate work location. It is also understood that, except as may be agreed differently between the Department of Corrections and the Union: • CMOs and CMUOs at Duane Waters Health Center are a work location separate from the Egeler Facility work location.
Work Location. (a) Where employees are required to report to a central location in order to be assigned their work location, their shift shall commence from the time they are required to report for assignment.