Applicants for Sample Clauses

Applicants for a job-sharing position shall have a minimum of three (3) years teaching experience to qualify.
Applicants for graduate tuition reimbursement must have served a minimum of one (1) one full year in the Lebanon Township School District to be eligible.
Applicants for a posted position shall apply in writing to the Employer and the Employer shall provide the Union Vice-President/President with a list of the names of all Bargaining Unit applicants.
Applicants for a vacancy who provide a valid email address on the application shall be notified by email if they are not chosen for an interview, the reason will be provided in writing upon written request. Applicants who are interviewed will be notified when the final selection is made.
Applicants for a Nova SBE Summer School must pay an application fee of fifty (50) € when submitting an application. No application will be considered if the application fee has not been paid. Instructions for payment of the application fee are provided as part of the online application process.
Applicants for a registration may not be issued a registration until an inspection of the family day care home has been conducted showing
Applicants for. Project Grants must contribute a cash match greater than or equal to the SJI award amount. This means that grant awards by SJI must be matched at least dollar for dollar by grant applicants. For example, an applicant seeking a $300,000 Project Grant must provide a cash match of at least $300,000. Applicants may contribute the required cash match directly or in cooperation with third parties.

Related to Applicants for

  • Applicants If the NRMP's investigation of an alleged Match violation by an applicant results in a finding that an applicant has committed a violation of this Agreement, the processing of the applicant's rank order list may be interrupted. The NRMP at its discretion may withdraw the applicant from the SMS Match. If a matched applicant is the subject of a violation investigation, the program to which the applicant matched may not fill the position with another applicant until the NRMP has issued the Final Report or granted a waiver, whichever is earlier. If the violation investigation has not concluded by the start date of training, the program shall begin training the matched applicant unless NRMP has granted a waiver or issued a deferral. The NRMP’s Final Report on the confirmed violation will be delivered to the applicant with copies to:

  • Applicant a medical student, medical school graduate, or physician-in-training who has registered or is eligible to register for the current Main Residency Match.

  • Eligible Applicants The rules on eligibility of project promoters and project partners are set in Article 7.2 of the Regulation. In accordance with Article 7.2.4, the following entities shall be eligible: Eligible applicants (Project Promoters) Eligible partners

  • Annual Physical Examination A permanent employee shall be granted up to one day per year with pay for the purpose of a comprehensive physical examination provided that the verification of such an examination is submitted to the District.

  • Academic Calendar The academic calendar of each university shall be established by the President. Prior to establishing or making changes in the calendar, the President/designee shall afford opportunity to meet and confer with the Association.

  • ALTERNATE SCHOOL CALENDAR 1. In this article, an alternative school calendar is a school calendar that differs from the standard school calendar as specified in Schedule 1 (Supplement) of the School Calendar Regulation 114/02.

  • Identity Verification In the case that the Subscriber provides telecommunication services to any Subscriber’s Customers pursuant to Section 8.1, the Subscriber is responsible for performing and shall perform personal identification of Subscriber’s Customer. SORACOM shall not bear any responsibility in relation to dealing with such matters.

  • School Calendar The Dual Credit course schedule will be determined by the location of the course delivery, provided that the required contact hours and prerequisites are met. The instructional calendar for the high school portion of the School will be based on the School District calendar and comply with all related TEA regulations for school attendance. The School District will adjust its schedule as necessary to enable Students to enroll in and attend the college- level courses provided by College. The School District and College will coordinate the State Student assessment requirements to ensure said assessments are administered without penalty. The School District, School and College will ensure that the School calendar accounts for the required per-semester contact hours for courses. When the instructional delivery is on the College site, it may be necessary for Students to attend classes on days when the School District is closed (e.g., different holiday closures). When Students take classes at the College scheduled on days when School is closed, the School District will ensure that at least one staff member with administrative authority be on call and available to be reached by the College’s Office of High School Programs or other College staff in case of emergency. The designated School staff member will have access to Student emergency contact information. While the College agrees to make scheduling accommodations for required State assessments, including the STAAR and End of Course Exams, all contact hour requirements must be met. For assessments not mandated by the State, the College and School District will come to a mutual agreement on administration dates in order to appropriately manage disruptions of college courses and ensure contact hour requirements are met.

  • Demographics Obtain demographic information including age, race, ethnicity, and sex.

  • Identification Cards Identification (“ID”) cards are issued by Us for identification purposes only. Possession of any ID card confers no right to services or benefits under this Contract. To be entitled to such services or benefits, Your Premiums must be paid in full at the time that the services are sought to be received.