Administrative Oversight Sample Clauses

Administrative Oversight. The AGENCY shall provide clinical and administrative oversight of the Wraparound Coordinators in his/her role to the Project. THE PARTNERSHIP SOCI Clinical Director shall provide coaching to the AGENCY program leadership and consultation regarding clinical and programmatic issues.
Administrative Oversight. In the event there is a question concerning a recipient's eligibility to receive benefits from the Bank, the City may require of the Administrative Committee and the employee proof of each eligibility as well as a physician's certified report of the disabling illness or injury of the recipient. A copy of the minutes of each meeting shall be provided to the President of Local 298 and to the City Personnel Director. The President of Local 298 or the Personnel Director may request a meeting with the Administrative Committee to discuss any action which has been taken by the Committee and such meeting shall be scheduled as soon as possible after such request.
Administrative Oversight. Programs and/or services provided under this interagency Memorandum of Agreement shall be managed under the direction of a collaborative team made up of selected staff from each agency that shall have the responsibility for program development, cohesion and direction. This team shall develop any necessary procedures for effective provision of services and shall hold, at a minimum, (frequency)_ meetings in order to provide oversight of the services provided. This team shall work to strengthen community interagency links and to xxxxxx cost-sharing efforts with other agencies that provide services designed for the emotional well-being of the students served. The Superintendent of Education for the County Public Schools System, the Director of Special Education, and the Director of Student Social Services for the County Board of Education, and the Executive Director, the Clinical Director, and the Children’s Services Director for the Mental Health Center, shall serve as the lead administrators for implementation of programs and services developed under this agreement. The administrators will assign staff to directly supervise and coordinate services within this interagency agreement.
Administrative Oversight. County, as a designated Urban County and Participating Jurisdiction, is ultimately responsible for the administrative oversight and supervision of all funds. As such, it is responsible for ensuring that all funds allocated to Municipality are expended in accordance with the AAP, all Agreements and/or Contracts, and all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, ordinances, resolutions, regulations, and laws pertaining to this Agreement. It is the intent of County to exercise only that degree of administrative and supervisory control concerning Municipality projects and activities as necessary to comply with such requirements and in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and any Subrecipient Agreement.
Administrative Oversight 

Related to Administrative Oversight

  • Administrative Duties (a) Duties with Respect to the Indenture. The Servicer shall perform all ------------------------------------ its duties and the duties of the Issuer under the Indenture. In addition, the Servicer shall consult with the Owner Trustee as the Servicer deems appropriate regarding the duties of the Issuer under the Indenture. The Servicer shall monitor the performance of the Issuer and shall advise the Owner Trustee when action is necessary to comply with the Issuer's duties under the Indenture. The Servicer shall prepare for execution by the Issuer or shall cause the preparation by other appropriate Persons of all such documents, reports, filings, instruments, certificates and opinions as it shall be the duty of the Issuer to prepare, file or deliver pursuant to the Indenture. In furtherance of the foregoing, the Servicer shall take all necessary action that is the duty of the Issuer to take pursuant to the Indenture, including, without limitation, pursuant to Sections 2.7, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.9, 3.10, 3.17, 5.1, 5.4, 7.3, 8.3, 9.2, 9.3, 11.1 and 11.15 of the Indenture.

  • Administrative Matters (a)The Member is the sole member of the Company. Accordingly, the Company shall be disregarded for U.S. federal income tax purposes and the assets and liabilities and items of income and gain and loss and deduction shall be treated as the assets and liabilities and items of income and gain and loss and deduction of the Member.

  • Administrative Costs If Developer fails to construct and install all or any part of the TUMF Improvements, or if Developer fails to comply with any other obligation contained herein, Developer and its surety shall be jointly and severally liable to AGENCY for all administrative expenses, fees, and costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, incurred in obtaining compliance with this Agreement or in processing any legal action or for any other remedies permitted by law.

  • Administrative and Accounting Services The Administrator shall perform or supervise the performance by others of the accounting and administrative services set forth in Schedule A hereto. The Administrator shall provide the Trust with all necessary office space, equipment, personnel, compensation and facilities (including facilities for Shareholders’ and Trustees’ meetings) for providing such services. The Administrator may sub-contract with third parties to perform certain of the services to be performed by the Administrator hereunder; provided, however, that the Administrator shall remain responsible to the Trust for the acts and omissions of such other sub-contracted parties. In meeting its duties hereunder, Administrator shall have the general authority to do all acts deemed in the Administrator’s good faith belief to be necessary and proper to perform its obligations under this Agreement.

  • Administrative Leave Upon verbal notification followed within twenty-four (24) hours by written delineation of the reasons, an employee may be placed upon administrative leave with pay at regular rate. The employees will not lose any pay, fringe benefits or seniority as the result of administrative leave. Administrative leave may be instituted as the result of the Employer's reasonable belief that the employee participated in an event or was in a condition of significant consequence to the Highway Patrol, the employee, or the public. Such administrative leave with pay shall be for the purpose of investigating the event or the condition. Administrative leave with pay shall not be considered discipline and is not subject to the grievance procedure as long as no loss of pay or benefits is incurred by the employee.

  • Administrative 2.10.1 LIDDA shall designate a medical specialist who is a: A. registered nurse;

  • Administrative Fees The Borrowers agree to pay to the Administrative Agent, for its own account, an annual fee as agreed to between the Borrowers and the Administrative Agent in the Fee Letter.

  • Administrative Accounts In connection with the services provided hereunder, the Custodian is hereby directed to open cash accounts on its books and records from time to time for the purposes of receiving subscriptions and/or processing redemptions on behalf of the Fund and/or for the purposes of aggregating, netting and/or clearing transactions (including, without limitation foreign exchange, repurchase agreements, capital stock activity, expense payment) or other administrative purposes, each on behalf of the Fund (each an “Account”). Each such Account shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the Fund shall be liable for the satisfaction of its obligations in connection with each Account.

  • Administrative Procedures You and the Bank agree to perform the respective duties and obligations specifically provided to be performed in the Administrative Procedures for Global Notes, Series A (the “Administrative Procedures”) that are attached hereto as Exhibit B, as amended from time to time. The Administrative Procedures may be amended only by written agreement of the Bank and you.

  • Administrative Procedure iTrip staff will administer and determine whether a damage qualifies as Covered Damage. Such staff will have the sole authority to determine the nature and extent of damages, necessary repairs and eligibility for the waiver of liability described herein. The Covered Guest must report any theft or damage to the unit or its contents to iTrip staff by the time of check-out or any otherwise applicable damage waiver for such Covered Guest will be void. The iTrip Franchisee has ultimate claim administration authority. Arbitration is required prior to litigation.