UNION REPRESENTATION. 3.01 For the purpose of representation with the Employer, the Union shall function and be recognized as follows:
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UNION REPRESENTATION. In any case where the Employee(s) presents her grievance in person or in any case in which a hearing is held on a grievance at any level, the Employee(s) shall be accompanied by a representative of the Union.
UNION REPRESENTATION. 7.01 The Company acknowledges the right of the Union to appoint or otherwise select Union Stewards for the purpose of representing employees in the handling of complaints and grievances.
UNION REPRESENTATION. 6.01 The Employer shall recognize the Representative(s) selected by the Union for purposes of collective bargaining, Agreement administration and general Union business, as the sole and exclusive Representative(s) of all employees within the bargaining unit as defined in Article 2 of this Agreement.
UNION REPRESENTATION. A Nurse has the right to be accompanied by a representative of the Union in a meeting with an Employer to discuss her or his ability to attend work regularly due to their health. The Nurse shall be advised of this right prior to the scheduling of a meeting.
UNION REPRESENTATION. Chief stewards and union stewards whose responsibilities bear a direct relationship to the effective and efficient representation of bargaining unit employees shall be placed at the top of the seniority unit roster in the order of their relative craft seniority for the purposes of layoff, reduction in force, and recall.
UNION REPRESENTATION. 1 At any meeting between a representative of the Company and an employee in which discipline (including warnings which are to be recorded in the personnel file, suspension, demotion or discharge for cause) is to be announced, a Union representative may be present if the employee so requests.
UNION REPRESENTATION. The Union shall be represented as follows:
UNION REPRESENTATION. 4.01 The number of Local Union representatives, including Local Officers, Chief Stewards and Stewards shall not exceed 300.
UNION REPRESENTATION. No Shop Xxxxxxx, Union Committee member, or employee shall leave his/her work without obtaining the permission of his/her immediate supervisor. The Employer shall be advised of the approximate duration of absence and notified upon return to duties. The Employer agrees that permission will not be unreasonably denied. Employee Shop Xxxxxxx or Union Committee member discussions shall take place where residents are not affected.