An employee definition

An employee is an individual who (i) contracts directly with the Company (rather than through a third party, such as an employee-leasing firm), (ii) performs services for the Company and (iii) is treated as an employee of the Company for federal employment-tax purposes.
An employee means a person who is employed by the Employer, who is a member of the Faculty Association as designated by the Employer pursuant to the Post- Secondary Learning Act, and who is in one (1) of the following categories:
An employee means any person (including a Director) in an employment relationship with the Company or any subsidiary corporation (as defined in section 424 of the Code).

Examples of An employee in a sentence

  • An employee, other than a casual employee, required to attend for jury service during their ordinary working hours shall be reimbursed by the employer an amount equal to the difference between the amount paid in respect of their attendance for such jury service and the ordinary pay the employee would have been paid if the employee was not absent on jury service.

  • An employee will be granted unpaid Military Leave in accordance with the Employment Standards Act.

  • An employee who remains outside of the bargaining unit beyond the period covered by this article shall lose all seniority.

  • An employee on maternity leave may terminate her employment at any time during the period of leave by notice given in accordance with this award.

  • An employee will not be denied recall to a shift if her lack of qualification for the recall opportunity can be remedied by a three (3) day orientation to that shift.

More Definitions of An employee

An employee means a person who is employed on a full time basis and does not include those who are employed on a casual, part time or fixed term basis.
An employee means a person who is engaged in employment as an employed earner;
An employee means any person in respect of whom his employer is liable to pay an employer's contribution under section 4 of the Contributory Pensions Act 1970 [title 18 item 7];
An employee shall, for the purposes of this clause, include a part-time employee but shall not include an emergency teacher/pre-school play leader.
An employee s "credited service" means the total of his years of service computed in accordance with the following rules:
An employee s service with a predecessor or acquired company shall only be counted in the determination of his or her Hours of Service for eligibility and/or vesting purposes if (1) the Company directs that credit for such service be granted, or (2) a qualified plan of the predecessor or acquired company is subsequently maintained by any Related Company.
An employee means a person who is employed on a full time basis and does not include those who are employed on a casual, temporary or fixed term basis.