From time to time Sample Clauses

From time to time. LESSEE will provide LESSOR with such other technical information or documents as LESSOR may reasonably request.
From time to time. You may experience a situation where there has been an accident, accessories may fail or You experience a mechanical breakdown.
From time to time during the term of this Agreement, Parties shall exchange clinical and commercial information concerning the Preparation which is deemed useful for the sale and marketing of the Preparation. Furthermore, Party shall notify the other of any important regulatory advises or instructions which come to either Party's attention during the term of this Agreement concerning quality, safety, efficacy of Compound and/or Preparation.
From time to time. If either Party submits such a proposal to the other Party, both Parties will negotiate in good faith to determine if the Operational and Administrative Support Fee should be changed and, if so, the amount of such change. If the Parties agree that the Operational and Administrative Support Fee should be changed, then the Operational and Administrative Support Fee shall be changed as of the first day of the Month following such agreement.” [Signature Pages Follow]
From time to time a RIA may establish a new mutual fund to support the variable annuity contracts theretofore reinsured under this Agreement. The Company agrees to assess the Risk Classification of the new fund according to the guidelines set forth in Exhibit B. Any and all funds so established shall be submitted to Swiss Re Life & Health prior to issue, with the Risk Classification category determined by the Company. Swiss Re Life & Health shall have the right, within 10 business days of receipt of the submission, to disagree with the risk Class assessed by the Company. Should the Company and Swiss Re Life & Health be unable to reach a consensus of opinion concerning the appropriate Risk Classification, then the facultative provisions of this Agreement, set forth in paragraph 6 of this Article, shall be invoked. Should the company receive no response from Swiss Re Life & Health to its fund submission, then the Company may assume that Swiss Re Life & Health is in agreement with the assigned Risk Classification.
From time to time the Employer may offer overtime assignments to employees that may result in employees working more than 8 hours a day or more than 48 hours in a week.
From time to time due to vacations, illness , or personal emergency, the Physician may be temporarily unavailable to provide all the services referred to above in this paragraph one. In order to assist Patients in scheduling non- urgent visits, CLINIC will notify Patients of any planned Physician absences as soon as the dates are confirmed. In the event of the Physician’s unplanned absences, Patient’s will be given the name and telephone number of an appropriate provider for the Patient to contact. Any treatment rendered by the substitute provider may not be covered under this contract and may incur additional fees. Those additional fees will be disclosed prior to any services.
From time to time each Borrower shall, and shall cause SDI Canada to, upon the Agent's request, execute and deliver confirmatory written instruments pledging to the Agent, for the ratable benefit of the Agent and the Lenders, the Collateral with respect to such Borrower or SDI Canada, but such Borrower's failure to do so shall not affect or limit any security interest or any other rights of the Agent or any Lender in and to the Collateral with respect to such Borrower or SDI Canada. So long as this Agreement is in effect and until all Obligations have been fully satisfied, the Agent's Liens shall continue in full force and effect in all Collateral (whether or not deemed eligible for the purpose of calculating the Availability of a Borrower or as the basis for any advance, loan, extension of credit, or other financial accommodation).
From time to time the Swingline Lender at its discretion may demand repayment of its Swingline Loans by an advance of any other Prime Rate Loan, in which case the Borrower shall be deemed to have requested such Prime Rate Loan in accordance with Section 2.3 of this Agreement. With respect to a demand resulting in an advance for a New Vehicle Loan or a Program and Used Vehicle Loan, each demand shall be in an amount not less than $500,000. Each such demand by the Swingline Lender shall be deemed to have been given one Business Day prior to the Maturity Date, on the date of occurrence of any Default or Event of Default, or on the exercise of any remedies under Section 8.2 of this Agreement, as the case may be. To the extent that the Swingline Lender demands repayment of any portion of its Swingline Loans, the Swingline Lender shall notify the Lenders on any Business Day and require the Lenders to advance their respective Pro Rata Shares of the Loan based on the Lender's Pro Rata Share of the Loan Commitment of the Loan to be advanced. Such notice shall specify the Loan and the aggregate amount of the Loan that Lenders will advance. Each Lender absolutely and unconditionally agrees that immediately on receipt of such notice to pay the Swingline Lender such Lender's Pro Rata Share of such Loan.