Representatives of the Sample Clauses

Representatives of the. Contracting Parties named in the preamble to the present Treaty shall meet at the City of Canberra within two months after the date of entry into force of the Treaty, and thereafter at suitable intervals and places, for the purpose of exchanging information, consulting together on matters of common interest pertaining to Antarctica, and formulating and considering, and recommending to their Governments, measures in furtherance of the principles and objectives of the Treaty, including measures regarding:
Representatives of the. Contracting Parties shall, whenever necessary, hold consultations on any matter affecting the implementation of this Agreement. These consultations shall be held, on the proposal of either Contracting Party, at a place and a time to be agreed upon through diplomatic channels.
Representatives of the. Contracting Parties shall hold consultations, when necessary, concerning matters related to the application of this Agreement. These consultations shall be held at the proposal of one Contracting Party, at the time and place to be agreed upon through diplomatic channels.
Representatives of the. Commission shall participate in the work of the monitoring committee in a monitoring and an advisory capacity.
Representatives of the. Air Force shall be authorized to make visits to the institution, both announced and unannounced, to evaluate the AFJROTC program, and enforce compliance with Air Force standards.
Representatives of the. Contracting Parties shall, whenever necessary, consult with each other on any matter concerning the implementation of this Agreement at a place and time to be agreed through diplomatic channels.
Representatives of the. Fiscal Agent and Service Provider may serve as non-voting ex officio members of the Management Committee. The Management Committee shall act as the executive subcommittee of the Parties to the WRIA 9 Interlocal Agreement , responsible for oversight and evaluation of any Service Providers or consultants, administration of the budget and work plan, and for providing recommendations on administrative matters to the WRIA 9 XXX Parties for action, consistent with other subsections of this section. The appointed representatives of the Parties to the Interlocal Agreement shall consider new appointments or reappointments to the Management Committee every two years following its initial appointments.
Representatives of the. College Personnel Committee shall be given the opportunity to attend the interview of applicants. Reasonable attempts will be made to schedule hiring interviews when members of the Committee can be present. Reasonable advance notification of a scheduled interview shall be transmitted in writing to the chairperson of each committee.
Representatives of the. Employer shall meet with Union Representatives from the Xxx Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses, separately or jointly, for a “Special Conference” whenever one of the parties deems it necessary to discuss matters which are local in nature, including those matters necessary to the implementation and administration of this Agreement. The meeting shall be held within fourteen (14) days of a request, unless the parties mutually agree to delay the meeting. An agenda shall be exchanged in advance whenever possible.
Representatives of the. Local Union shall be allowed to enter the Employer’s premises to deal in the administration of the Agreement, provided they do not interfere with the normal operation of the Employer. The Union Representatives agrees to contact management of the Employer before entering the Employer’s premises.