Representatives of the Union Sample Clauses

Representatives of the Union. It is agreed that negotiations may take place during work hours with two employees being excused from their jobs without loss of pay. Said committee shall be authorized by the Union to bargain for the individuals in the Union and shall be able to execute Agreements binding on the members of this Union in their dealings with the City. The Union shall negotiate with such representatives of the City government as are provided by resolution, ordinance, or policy, adopted by the City Council,
Representatives of the Union. At the Union's request, the Company shall authorize any representative of the Union to enter, during regular work hours, any Company properties on which employees represented by the Union are employed, for the purpose of enabling such representative to transact Union business other than the solicitation of employees to join the Union or the collection of dues. Such representative shall first notify the supervisor in charge of their presence, and such transaction of Union business shall not interfere with work in progress.
Representatives of the Union for the purpose of negotiating in order to carry on collective bargaining, pursuant to the provisions of the "Labour Relations Code of British Columbia" shall not suffer any loss of pay or benefits for the time involved in such negotiations with the District.
Representatives of the Union upon making their presence known to the District, shall have access to the District premises during business hours, provided that no conferences or meetings between employees and Union representatives will in any way hamper or obstruct the normal flow of work.
Representatives of the Union shall notify and obtain approval from their immediate supervisor prior to investigation or discussing grievances during working hours. This provision shall be applied in a fair and equitable manner.
Representatives of the Union. 6.01 The grievance meetings held under Article 7 will be held during normal working hours and those employees involved will not suffer any loss of pay.
Representatives of the Union. (a) The Union shall have the right to have the assistance of representatives of the Canadian Union of Public Employees or any other advisors when dealing or negotiating with the Employer. Such representatives/advisors wishing to meet with employees or the Employer on the premises shall first contact the Employer and arrange for a mutually agreeable time and location. Collective Agreement CUPE Local 5056 - expiring March 31•1, 2019 71Pagc
Representatives of the Union. The New London Board of Education agrees to permit the OAPSE staff representative, who is not an employee, access to the New London School premises. The OAPSE representative will report to the Board of Education office upon arriving at the New London Schools. The New London Classified Group agrees that such visitations shall not interfere with their work duties.
Representatives of the Union shall have reasonable access to the employees for the lawful transaction of Union business.
Representatives of the Union. In the discussion of grievances with the representatives of the Employer, the Union may at any time be accompanied by a representative of the Union.