Union Officials Sample Clauses

Union Officials. 3.9.3 Union officials and/or delegates who are employed under this Agreement and who are not in receipt of any wages or salary from the Union and who have an accident in the course of attending to authorised Union business, shall be entitled to non-work accident leave.
Union Officials. A. Except as hereinafter provided, Union business shall be conducted by Union officials on off-duty hours. Designated Union officials shall be permitted to have time off without loss of pay for the investigation and processing of grievances and arbitrations. Grievants shall be permitted to have time off without loss of pay for processing their grievances through the contractual grievance procedure, except that for class action grievances, no more than three (3) grievants shall be granted such leave. Requests for all such time off shall be made in advance and shall not be unreasonably denied. Union officials and representatives shall conduct Union business in a manner, which shall not be disruptive to the College’s operations or any employees work. The Union will furnish the College with a list of the designated Union officials.
Union Officials. 1. The Union will notify the Company in writing of the election, appointment, or removal of Union shop xxxxxxx(s). The District Lodge will notify the Company in writing of the Committee members at that location.
Union Officials. The Union shall provide written notice to the Employer within ten (10) working days following the election or appointment of Local Union Representatives.
Union Officials. (i) All applications for leave of absence whether with or without pay shall be granted only to those official Union representatives whose absence in any specific case does not interfere with the operation of the Employer.
Union Officials. The authorized Union representative will have access to the Employer’s establishment at all reasonable times for the purpose of adjusting disputes, investigating working conditions and ascertaining that the Agreement is being lived up to. It is agreed that such will be done along lines to maintain efficiency at the establishment and avoid overt friction.
Union Officials. (a) Union officials shall be given time off without loss of pay for Employer-Union business to attend joint Employer-Union meetings as described in Article 6.1 (JRC), 6.2 (CTS) and
Union Officials. 9.01 The Union agrees to notify the Employer in writing of the names of its officials, the effective dates of their appointments and any changes in these positions from time to time. CLAC Representatives
Union Officials. The Union will advise the NFT Metro, in writing, to the Director of Human Resources, of the names and titles of its employees, and will promptly give the NFT Metro written notification of any changes during the term of this agreement within two (2) calendar weeks of any such change.
Union Officials. 1. In order to provide for orderly and peaceful labor relations, the Company shall recognize the following Union Representatives and their participation in the settling of disputes within the framework of the Grievance Procedure: