General Contractor definition

General Contractor means a person or entity duly licensed in the state of Florida with the requisite skills, experience and credit worthiness to successfully provide the units required in the Application, and which meets the criteria described in Rule 67-48.0072, F.A.C.
General Contractor means a person who is licensed to conduct business in one, or both, of the following branches of the contracting business:
General Contractor means the party who signs the construction contract with the owner to construct the project described in the final plans and specifications. Where the construction project involves more than one contractor, the general contractor will be the party responsible for managing the project on behalf of the owner. In some cases, the owner may be the general contractor. In these cases, the owner may contract an individual as the operator who would become the Co- Permittee.

Examples of General Contractor in a sentence

  • The General Contractor shall comply with all O.S.H.A. standards for job site safety.

  • The General Contractor is responsible for the assurance that all individuals pursuing the fulfillment of his contract for this project will conduct themselves in a proper and professional manner in relation to their assigned duties and the community.

  • The General Contractor will provide all assistance to representatives of lifts specialist to check concrete work at each stage and to ensure that proper holes for • beams recesses etc.

  • SPEC NOTE: Painting subcontractor to be provided with adequate storage facilities meeting above requirements by General Contractor.

  • Form FPC‑R1-----is to be utilized on projects where the Roofing Contractor acts as a Subcontractor to a prime General Contractor.

More Definitions of General Contractor

General Contractor means a person who is licensed to
General Contractor means a contractor who contracts with an owner or lessee to provide, directly or indirectly through contracts with subcontractors, suppliers, or laborers, substantially all of the improvements to the property described in the notice of commencement.
General Contractor means a person who is licensed to conduct
General Contractor means a contractor whose business
General Contractor means a contractor whose business operations require the use of more than two unrelated building trades or crafts that the contractor supervises or performs in whole or part, whenever the sum of all contracts on any single property, including materials and labor, exceeds an amount established by rule by the board.
General Contractor means any person having a construction contract with a governmental body.