The Bargaining Unit Sample Clauses

The Bargaining Unit. 1. Inclusions/Exclusions
The Bargaining Unit recognizes the obligation of the Board to operate its schools in a manner consistent with the Education Act and the Regulations made thereunder.
The Bargaining Unit. Personnel Activity Report listing employees who have had a personnel action processed during the last two pay periods. The report will contain the employee’s name, position title, pay plan, series, class/grade, type of action, bargaining unit status, agency, division, and effective date. The report will be provided electronically by the SPO within three weeks of the end of the pay period in which the activity took place.
The Bargaining Unit. 3.1 The bargaining unit that the Union shall represent shall consist of employees in the police department, as defined in Article II of this Agreement, whose position classifications are as follows: Police Captain, Police Lieutenant; Police Detective Sergeant; Police Sergeant; Police Detective; Police Corporal; Police Officer (including Master Police Officers) and Special Constables with full POST certification designated as Auxiliary Police.
The Bargaining Unit. 2.1 The Bargaining Unit shall comprise the Non-Teaching Support Staff and Daily Paid Employees of the College.
The Bargaining Unit. The Employer recognizes the Union, pursuant to Section 9(a) of the National Labor Relations Act, as the exclusive collective bargaining agent for all Employees within the bargaining unit, on all present and future job sites within the jurisdiction of Local Union No. 7, unless and until such time as the Union loses its status as the Employee's exclusive representative as a result of a National Labor Relations Board ("NLRB") election requested by the Employees. The Employer agrees that it will not request an NLRB election. The Union agrees and hereby recognizes the Association as the exclusive bargaining agent for all tile contractors who are members of the Association as their bargaining representative. The Union agrees not to negotiate individually or to enter into any agreement; understanding or practice with any member of the Association or with any Employer represented by the Association for the term of this Collective Bargaining Agreement or any extension thereof.