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Agree to a. Investigate and correct any allegation of error in compensation paid, when notified and/or requested by GBS.
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Agree to. STORAGE: The Host Department will be responsible for the storage of the Air Trailer. The Trailer shall be sheltered in an indoor, secure area. The storage facility shall be easily accessible for authorized personnel in the event the Air Trailer needs to be deployed. DEPLOYMENT: The Host Department must possess a vehicle capable of quickly transporting the Air Trailer to an incident where the Trailer is needed. The Host Department shall be available 24/7 for the deployment of its Air Trailer in the event of an emergency.
Agree to a. Investigate and correct any allegation of error in compensation paid, when notified and/or requested by Amwins Connect Administrators.
Agree to. Ratify the Agreement under the general norms established in the accords signed by both Chile and Canada and the objectives that follow.
Agree to. Maintain a visible presence on the streets on weekends and at other key times (e.g. Show Weekend, Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx, New Year’s Eve); and • Work with Licensees and Licensing NT to implement the Accord and improve community safety. • Provide support and randomly patrol at key times and locations identified by Accord members.
Agree to. Carry out detailed financial interviews with all applicants going ahead with a low cost home ownership scheme. There are two levels of financial assessment/interview depending on the services required of IFAs by their regional LHBA as follows:  responsibility for all financial eligibility assessments of applicants for government-funded affordable home ownership products; or  responsibility for complimentary in-depth financial assessments following an initial headline affordability assessment conducted by the LHBA. (IFA name) needs to be conversant with the Agency’s affordability calculators. If required to conduct all financial eligibility interviews/assessments this should involve using either the Agency’s affordability calculator and guidance or a methodology of comparable standard. If required to produce a more in-depth financial assessment, (insert IFA name) are still required to use income multipliers and percentage of income targets that align with those in the Agency’s affordability calculator and associated guidance. These have been set at levels which reflect the current difficulties for first time buyers in obtaining mortgage finance and with the aim of ensuring applicants can sustain their mortgage commitments long-term. To calculate mortgage ability on the basis of a range of income multipliers between 2.5- 4 for joint applications and 3-4 times income for single applications. If using household income, 30 – 45% of household income is considered to be in the acceptable range for housing costs as a percentage of disposable income. For the purpose of income assessment, we assume that disposable income is equivalent to 74% of gross income (this takes account of tax and national insurance commitments less regular debt and outgoings. (insert IFA name) will endeavour to carry out financial interviews, within an average of four working days and within no more than eight days of request. Respond to feedback from customer satisfaction surveys on financial interviews raised by (RP/LHBA name). To provide credit reference checks for applicants within 24 hours of request and to inform (RP/LHBA name) immediately in writing. Provide(RSL/HBA name) with a weekly progress report by 1 p.m. every Friday with a list of all applicants who have attended a financial interview and are proceeding with a mortgage application. Fill in the standard Interview form supplied by (RP/LHBA name) to record the outcome of all financial interviews. This will be given to / posted ...

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  • Mechanisms for Cooperation 1. Pursuant to Article 149 (Objectives), the Parties hereby establish a Committee on Cooperation comprising representatives of each Party. 2. The Parties will designate nationals contact points to facilitate communication on possible cooperation activities. The contact points will work with government agencies, business sector representatives and educational and research institutions for the operation of this Chapter. 3. The Parties shall use diplomatic channels to promote dialogue and cooperation consistent with this Agreement. 4. The Committee shall have the following functions: (a) to monitor and assess the progress in implementing of the cooperation projects agreed by the Parties; (b) to establish rules and procedures for the conduct of its work; (c) to make recommendations of the cooperation activities under this Chapter, in accordance with the strategic priorities of the Parties; and (d) to review through regular reporting from the Parties, the operation of this Chapter and the application and fulfillment of its objectives between the relevant institutions of the Parties.

  • Project Staff Contractor shall appoint to the Project Staff: (i) individuals with suitable training and skills to provide the Work, and (ii) sufficient staffing to adequately provide the Work. Contractor shall make commercially reasonable efforts consistent with sound business practices to honor the specific request of the JBE with regard to assignment of its employees. The JBE may require Contractor to remove any personnel from the Project Staff that interact with any personnel of the Judicial Branch Entities or JBE Contractors (including, without limitation, the Contractor Project Manager) upon providing to Contractor a reason (permitted by law) for such removal. Contractor may, with the JBE’s consent, continue to retain such member of the Project Staff in a role that does not interact with any personnel of the Judicial Branch Entities or

  • Rotation Where the Employer's designate and the Union's designate at the local level agree that shifts be rotated, the shifts shall be rotated on an equitable basis among the employees involved.

  • Project Staffing Prior to the start of any work under this Agreement, Consultant must submit to City detailed resumes of key personnel that will be involved in performing services prescribed in the Agreement. City hereby acknowledges its acceptance of such personnel to perform services under this Agreement. At any time hereafter that Consultant desires to change key personnel while performing under the Agreement, Consultant must submit the qualifications of the new personnel to City for prior approval. Key personnel include, but are not limited to, principals-in-charge, project manager, and project Consultant. Consultant will maintain an adequate and competent staff of qualified persons, as may be determined by City, throughout the performance of this Agreement to ensure acceptable and timely completion of the Scope of Services. If City objects, with reasonable cause, to any of Consultant’s staff, Consultant must take prompt corrective action acceptable to City and, if required, remove such personnel from the Project and replace with new personnel agreed to by City.

  • Scoring The number of routes each company operates (Route # 0001-2999, 8000-8199) will be multiplied by 2 to determine the daily number of trips. (Only accidents, breakdowns and service reports related to routes falling in this range will be used for the evaluation). The daily number of trips will be multiplied by 175 to arrive at the annual number of trips. The number of accidents, breakdowns and service complaints will be divided by the total number of trips to calculate a percent figure. Each company’s percentage will be compared to the total average. See below for a sample. BUS COMPANY NUMBER OF TOTAL BKDN PERCENT ACCIDENTS PERCENT2 SERVICE PERCENT3 ROUTES TRIPS BKDN ACCIDENTS REPORTS COMPLAINTS TO TRIPS TO TRIPS TO TRIPS A 360 58680 3 0.01% 27 0.05% 46 0.08% B 48 7824 3 0.04% 4 0.05% 39 0.50% C 123 20049 11 0.05% 9 0.04% 27 0.13% D 91 14833 0.00% 10 0.07% 11 0.07% E 124 20212 20 0.10% 19 0.09% 18 0.09% TOTALS 746 121598 37 0.03% 69 0.06% 141 0.12% To score, if a company’s percentage is less than or equal to the total percentage for that category, the company will be awarded 6 points per category. Percentages greater than the total percentage for each distinct category (Accident, Breakdown, Service Complaints) will be scored according to the following scale: Vendor Category Percent Points Less than-Equal to Ave. 6 points 0-3% above average 5 points 4-7% above average 4 points 5-8% above average 3 points 9-12% above average 2 points 13-16% 1 points Greater than 17% 0 points Example: Company A had a lower percent of breakdowns than the average total, and would receive 6 points for breakdowns. If a company has a higher percentage than the average total, 0 point will be added to their score. Company B would not receive 6 points for breakdowns. The same calculation would be performed for accidents and service complaints. Any circumstance whereby a Breakdown or Accident is found by PTS to be ‘Non Reported’ by vendor within the required timeframe (see G-36) will count as (20) ‘Reported’ instances for the purpose of this Contractor Evaluation Scoring.

  • Support Staff The College shall designate a clerical person on each campus whose primary responsibility will be to perform clerical duties related to workload assignments for Employees. Faculty assignments to the clerical person shall be given priority over non- faculty assignments. Any conflicts shall be reported to the Chief Academic Officer or to an academic officer of the College who holds the rank of Campus Director or higher. Employees will be notified of the identity of this person and the clerical person will be notified.

  • Donor Coordination Throughout the multi-year development of the Compact, MCC and the Government have engaged in an inclusive process that included consultations with the United States Government, Nepali communities and key private sector actors, non-government actors, and other donors as well as multilateral organizations. In particular, MCC worked closely with the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank in reviewing and agreeing on various power sector reforms required in Nepal for future programming by the two banks. MCC also consulted frequently with the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (“DFID”) during its preparation of a political economy analysis of power sector reform.

  • Automation 1. Each Party shall use information technologies that expedite its procedures for the release of goods in order to facilitate trade, including trade between the Parties.

  • Mechanisms The Parties agree that their political dialogue shall be conducted:

  • Scheduling Coordinator Buyer shall act as the Scheduling Coordinator for the Project. In that regard, Buyer and Seller shall agree to the following:

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