TO THIS AGREEMENT. 4.1 Schedules 1 to 6 (inclusive) to this Agreement shall have effect.
TO THIS AGREEMENT. On occasion we may amend this Agreement, our Services Terms of Service, and other policies to reflect updates to our operations, laws, regulations, or other significant developments. If we amend such documents, we will provide you timely notice of such change in a clear statement which reflects the effective date of the revised terms. Continued use of the Services by the Educational Institution following notice of such amendments shall be deemed acceptance of such amendments by the Educational Institution.
TO THIS AGREEMENT. Paragraph 5.A. is eliminated in its entirety and replaced with the following: o In consideration for the services to be rendered by Employee under this Agreement, the Employer agrees to pay, and Employee agrees to accept as compensation, an annual salary of ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ($150,000) per year, payable in accordance with the Company's standard payroll policies.
TO THIS AGREEMENT. The Lead Registrant may decide to engage such costs only upon pre-payment by all concerned co-registrants. In the event that the Agency should adopt a decision in relation to the Substance, which decision the Lead Registrant consider challenging formally (either before the ECHA board of appeal or the General Court of the EU), the Lead Registrant shall inform the Co-Registrant accordingly and promptly discuss in good faith the merits of such a formal challenge. Should the Lead Registrant consider there is a good case for challenging the relevant Agency decision, it can proceed with such challenge on behalf of all affected Co-registrants.
TO THIS AGREEMENT. The Price for the Subject Matter will be calculated on the basis of the prices per unit specified in the Appendix No. 4 and if there is no price per unit provided, on the basis of KNR according to the Appendix No. 5 to this Agreement.
TO THIS AGREEMENT. Pax8 may modify any aspect of this Agreement at any time, effective immediately upon posting such modifications. The current version of this Agreement is available at:
TO THIS AGREEMENT. The Buyer shall bear all costs relating to the leased vehicles serving the Assimilated Employees commencing on the Cutoff Date, and on the date of said reckoning the Buyer shall pay to the Sellers the amount of the advance deposits paid by the Sellers in respect of said vehicles as at the period after the Cutoff Date. Before the vehicles are transferred the Sellers shall test the vehicles for damage and take a reading of the odometers at the leasing companies and shall submit confirmation to the Buyer of payment for any damage and excess mileage billed. To the extent possible and without adversely affecting the leasing conditions, the lease agreements shall be transferred to the Buyer's name on the Cutoff Date or as soon as practicably possible.
TO THIS AGREEMENT. 6.4.6 To be valid, the Claim Form must be completed in full and be signed under penalty of perjury. Such a signature may be submitted electronically in a manner determined by the Claims Administrator that is consistent with general claims administration practice.
TO THIS AGREEMENT. PulsePoint may amend and/or revise this Agreement at any time, in PulsePoint’s sole and absolute discretion. If Partner does not agree to the revised Agreement, Partner shall immediately discontinue using the Services. PulsePoint shall post any modification to this Agreement to the Terms URL.