Straight Time Sample Clauses

Straight Time. 1. The normal straight time week's work shall be forty (40) hours, five (5) days. A normal straight time day's work will consist of eight (8) hours, excluding meal period.
Straight Time. (84) (a) For the first forty (40) compensated hours in the employee’s working week, less all time for which holiday overtime has been earned.
Straight Time. Employees will be paid straight time for the first forty (40) hours of actual work within a workweek.
Straight Time. Time and One-half .............
Straight Time. An MOS’s normal, base hourly rate.
Straight Time. Company’s work order, Proposal or Quote is based upon working straight-time hours only, except where dictated by tidal conditions or DOT restrictions. Where work is required to be performed because of conditions beyond the control of Company, after normal working hours, and any time on Saturday or Sunday, and holidays, an additional charge will be made to cover the cost of overtime paid to workers and/or cost for travel time and layover for legal holidays and weekends.
Straight Time. The straight time workweek shall be forty (40) hours. A straight time day’s work schedule will consist of ten (10) hours in one (1) workday, for employees electing a 4/10 schedule; a straight time day’s work will consist of nine (9) hours in one (1) workday, with one four-(4) hour day per workweek for employees electing a 9/80 schedule; or (8) hours in one (1) workday for employees electing a Standard work schedule. The 4/10 means the employees work 10 hours each day, with one day in the workweek off (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday). The 9/80 means employees work 9 hours Monday – Thursday each week and 8 hours every other Friday.
Straight Time. Straight Time" shall be the hours worked within any scheduled workday and within any scheduled workweek of forty (40) hours, and shall be compensated for at the applicable hourly rate specified in Schedule B.
Straight Time. Employees other than clerical staff working less than seven and one-half (7½) hours per day and clerical staff working less than seven (7) hours per day, shall be paid at straight time rates for all hours worked up to seven and one-half (7½) hours per day or seven (7) hours per day respectively, then overtime rates as set out above shall prevail.