Bulletin Board Sample Clauses

Bulletin Board. Thereafter, the Company shall (i) use its best efforts to continue the listing and trading of its Common Stock on the O.T.C. Bulletin Board or to become eligible for and listed and available for trading on the Nasdaq Small Cap Market, the NMS, or the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE"); and (ii) comply in all material respects with the Company's reporting, filing and other obligations under the By-Laws or rules of the National Association of Securities Dealers ("NASD") and such exchanges, as applicable.
Bulletin Board. The Company is not in violation of the listing requirements of the O.T.C. Bulletin Board and does not reasonably anticipate that the Common Stock will be delisted by the O.T.C. Bulletin Board for the foreseeable future. The Company has filed all reports required under the Exchange Act. The Company has not furnished to the Investor any material nonpublic information concerning the Company.
Bulletin Board. The Union may supply each store with one (1) bulletin board not to exceed two feet by three feet in size for the purpose of posting notices involving official Union business. Bulletin boards shall not be used to post notices of a political or adversarial nature. The utilization of this program shall be coordinated by the Employee’s Labor Relations Department. The bulletin boards shall be placed in a non-sales area designated by the Employer but one generally frequented by all employees. Notices shall be posted by designated representatives of the Union.
Bulletin Board. The State will continue to furnish reasonable bulletin board space in each institution, which the Union may utilize for its announcements. Bulletin board space shall not be used for material that is of a partisan political nature or is inflammatory or derogatory to the State employer or any of its officers or employees. The Union shall limit its posting of notices and bulletins to such bulletin board space.
Bulletin Board. The Employer will provide the Union bulletin board space in a conspicuous location in each district office for the purpose of posting notices regarding meetings and other Union business matters. All such notices must be signed by a member of the Union Executive who is employed by the Employer. All notices not signed by the Union may be removed.
Bulletin Board. The County will furnish for the use of the Union, reasonable bulletin board space at reasonable locations. Such bulletin board space shall be used only for the following subjects: • Union recreational, social, and related news bulletins; • Scheduled Union meetingsInformation concerning Union elections or the results thereof; • Reports of official business of Union including reports of committees or the Board of Directors; and • All material shall clearly state that it is prepared and authorized by the Union. The Union agrees that notices posted on County bulletin boards shall not contain anything which may reasonably be construed as maligning the County or its representatives.