Members of the Union Sample Clauses

Members of the Union. Negotiating Committee, not in excess of five (5) shall, upon arrangement, be excused from duty with pay, for teaching time spent in negotiations or other scheduled occasions with the Board or its representatives, with provision made for substitute relief.
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Members of the Union. Negotiating Committee shall be free to discharge legitimate Union duties without fear that their relations with the Company may be affected in any way.
Members of the Union. Negotiating Committee shall not suffer any loss in pay or benefits for time spent at negotiation meetings with the Employer’s negotiating committee.
Members of the Union. Negotiating Team will be allowed to attend contract negotiation sessions with the City, or routine union committee meetings in their assigned duty stations which do not disrupt normal departmental operations, during regularly scheduled duty hours for a maximum of six (6) hours per week. Such time spent in negotiation sessions or in routine union committee meetings during duty hours shall be used in computing weekly overtime. The employee will be subject to call by the Chief Officer in Charge.
Members of the Union. When any member of the Union is suspended or expelled for failure to pay dues, the Employer shall, and hereby agrees to, dis­ charge such member within seven ( 7 ) days after receiving written notice from the Union of such suspension.
Members of the Union. 1.01 The Employer agrees to employ only members of the Union to perform all work within the jurisdiction of the Union.
Members of the Union except those meeting requirements of "Employer" as defined herein, shall not contract for electrical work.
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Members of the Union. Negotiating Committee who spend work days negotiating shall be treated in all respects as though they are actively at work, covered by all terms and provisions of this agreement. The Employer will compensate three (3) members of the Union Negotiating Committee for regular hours spent in negotiating meetings between the parties to the extent that they shall suffer no loss of regular earnings.
Members of the Union. Member countries of the Union shall be:
Members of the Union. Negotiating Team shall be allowed time off for all meetings which shall be mutually set by the County and the Union. Negotiations scheduled by mutual agreement on a scheduled workday of a bargaining unit member will not result in a loss of pay. As stated in Article 13, Labor Management Cooperation, the County shall contribute 96 hours annually to the Union Leave bank.
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