No Member Sample Clauses

No Member. (except one who may also be a Manager) shall participate in or have any control over the Company business, except as required by law or as provided by this Agreement.

Related to No Member

  • No Merger There shall be no merger of the leasehold estate hereby created with the fee estate in the Premises or any part thereof if the same person acquires or holds, directly or indirectly, this Lease or any interest in this Lease and the fee estate in the leasehold Premises or any interest in such fee estate.

  • No Affiliation The Trustee is not an Affiliated Person with respect to the Depositor, either of the Paired Trusts, the Administrative Agent, the Marketing Agent or any Authorized Participant, and it is not an Affiliated Person with respect to any Person who is an Affiliated Person with respect to any of the foregoing entities; further, the Trustee does not, and will not for so long as it acts as Trustee hereunder, offer or provide credit or credit enhancement to either of the Macro Trusts, except to the extent that the Trustee provides overdraft liquidity in the normal course of its custody services hereunder.

  • No U S. Underwriter or International Manager shall have discovered and disclosed to the Company on or prior to such Delivery Date that the Registration Statement or the Prospectus or any amendment or supplement thereto contains an untrue statement of a fact which, in the opinion of Xxxxxx & Xxxxxxx, counsel for the U.S. Underwriters, is material or omits to state a fact which, in the opinion of such counsel, is material and is required to be stated therein or is necessary to make the statements therein not misleading.

  • No Joint Venture or Partnership Borrower and Lender intend that the relationship created hereunder be solely that of borrower and lender. Nothing herein is intended to create a joint venture, partnership, tenancy-in-common, or joint tenancy relationship between Borrower and Lender nor to grant Lender any interest in the Collateral other than that of secured party, mortgagee or lender.

  • No Modifications The terms of the Mortgage Note and the Mortgage have not been impaired, waived, altered or modified in any material respect, except by a written instrument that, if required by applicable law, has been recorded or is in the process of being recorded. The substance of any such waiver, alteration or modification has been approved by the issuer of any related Primary Mortgage Insurance Policy and title insurance policy, to the extent required by such policies, the terms of such waiver, alteration or modification have been reflected in the Mortgage Loan Schedule and the written instrument reflecting such terms has been included in the Mortgage File. No Mortgagor has been released, in whole or in part, from the terms of the Mortgage Note and the Mortgage, except in connection with an assumption agreement which is part of the Mortgage File and the terms of which are reflected in the related Mortgage Loan Schedule. The Mortgage and Mortgage Note have not been satisfied, canceled or subordinated, in whole or in part, or rescinded, and the Mortgaged Property has not been released from the lien of the Mortgage, in whole or in part, nor has any instrument been executed that would effect any such release, cancellation, subordination or rescission. The Seller has not waived the performance by the Mortgagor of any action, if the Mortgagor's failure to perform such action would cause the Mortgage Loan to be in default, nor has the Seller waived any default resulting from any action or inaction by the Mortgagor.

  • No Diversion The Executive covenants and agrees that during the Term and the Post-Termination Period, he shall not, directly or indirectly through any other person or entity, solicit, divert, or take advantage of, or attempt to solicit, divert or take advantage of, any actual or potential customers or business opportunities (e.g., writing, issuing, underwriting, selling, distributing or re-insuring personal property and casualty insurance products, investment opportunities, and other similar opportunities) of the Company which the Executive became aware of during his employment with the Company.

  • No Joint Venture Nothing contained in this Agreement (i) shall constitute the Administrator and either of the Issuer or the Owner Trustee as members of any partnership, joint venture, association, syndicate, unincorporated business or other separate entity, (ii) shall be construed to impose any liability as such on any of them or (iii) shall be deemed to confer on any of them any express, implied or apparent authority to incur any obligation or liability on behalf of the others.

  • No Modification Without the prior written consent of State Street, the Fund shall not modify, enhance or otherwise create derivative works based upon the System, nor shall the Fund reverse engineer, decompile or otherwise attempt to secure the source code for all or any part of the System.

  • No Hire During the Employment Period, and during the Restriction Period following termination of employment, the Executive will not, except with the prior written consent of the Company, directly or indirectly, induce any employee of the Company, Holdco or any of their respective subsidiaries or controlled affiliates to terminate employment with such entity, and will not, directly or indirectly, either individually or as owner, agent, employee, consultant or otherwise, employ, offer employment or cause employment to be offered to any person (including employment as an independent contractor) who is or was employed by the Company, Holdco or any of their respective subsidiaries or controlled affiliates unless such person shall have ceased to be employed by such entity for a period of at least twelve months. For purposes of this Section 9(c), “employment” shall be deemed to include rendering services as an independent contractor and “employees” shall be deemed to include independent contractors.

  • No Usury Borrower and Lender intend at all times to comply with applicable state law or applicable United States federal law (to the extent that it permits Lender to contract for, charge, take, reserve or receive a greater amount of interest than under state law) and that this Section 10.17 shall control every other agreement in the Loan Documents. If the applicable law (state or federal) is ever judicially interpreted so as to render usurious any amount called for under the Note or any other Loan Document, or contracted for, charged, taken, reserved or received with respect to the Debt, or if Lender’s exercise of the option to accelerate the maturity of the Loan or any prepayment by Borrower results in Borrower having paid any interest in excess of that permitted by applicable law, then it is Borrower’s and Lender’s express intent that all excess amounts theretofore collected by Lender shall be credited against the unpaid Principal and all other Debt (or, if the Debt has been or would thereby be paid in full, refunded to Borrower), and the provisions of the Loan Documents immediately be deemed reformed and the amounts thereafter collectible thereunder reduced, without the necessity of the execution of any new document, so as to comply with applicable law, but so as to permit the recovery of the fullest amount otherwise called for thereunder. All sums paid or agreed to be paid to Lender for the use, forbearance or detention of the Loan shall, to the extent permitted by applicable law, be amortized, prorated, allocated, and spread throughout the full stated term of the Loan until payment in full so that the rate or amount of interest on account of the Debt does not exceed the maximum lawful rate from time to time in effect and applicable to the Debt for so long as the Debt is outstanding. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any Loan Document, it is not the intention of Lender to accelerate the maturity of any interest that has not accrued at the time of such acceleration or to collect unearned interest at the time of such acceleration.