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IN ADVANCE. One (1) disbursement as requested by the Debtor in writing at such time as the Debtor may elect, subject to the reasonable approval of the Commission. The amount of the disbursement shall not be limited to that portion of the Loan which has been earned by the Company; however, the disbursement shall only be made after the Debtor Certification attached hereto as Exhibit B has been completed by the Debtor and delivered to and approved by the Commission in its sole discretion. Fifty percent (50%) of the Loan is allocated for the Company’s taxable asset obligation set forth in Section 4 of this Agreement and fifty percent (50%) of the Loan is allocated for the Company’s employment obligation set forth in Section 3 of this Agreement. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by all parties to this Agreement, Debtor shall disburse all Loan proceeds to the Company or for the Company’s benefit within 30 days of receipt of Loan proceeds from the Commission or return the undisbursed proceeds to the Commission.
IN ADVANCE. We understand that assessments are payable on the value of all sales licensed to use the AMCA seal during the prior calendar year. For products with no prior year history, our estimate is used. Payment of fees and assessments are required prior to testing our product. We also understand that charges will be made for data checking and product testing according to the rates set by the AMCA International Board of Directors. Product testing fees are required prior to testing of the product. We further understand that this agreement will commence on the first day of the month after the date of signature and that all billing will be calculated from that date. The information contained in this application is correct. We understand that if the information is misrepresented, it could result in a loss of our license. *Note: A complete set of catalogs illustrating your AMCA International scope products or final diagrams must be received as part of this application. Company Date Signature Title Surname Given Name (Chief Executive Officer or Senior Principal) If you typed your name instead of inserting a signature, check this box to indicate that your typed name above is acceptable as your signature. Only a complete application will allow the company to be considered for affiliate status Revised March 19, 2014 To have your application processed, complete the following steps:
IN ADVANCE. You will not get any notice to pay from us. Payment is due on the first day of each month. BEGINNING ON January 1, 1998. (date). You must pay to Harbor Court Developers at this address c/o AHI Harbor Ltd., Partnership, Lock Box #47892, P.O. Xxx 0000, Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000. Later we may tell you in writing to pay (1) at a different address; or (2) to pay someone else or that we have transferred this lease to someone else. If we do so, you must pay at that address and to that person.
IN ADVANCE. No events will be held where there are ticket sales “at the door” on the day of the event. *Set-up the day before “the confirmed reservation date” is NOT allowed. (Initial) *All food, decorations and equipment MUST be removed from the facility once the scheduled event is over. NO items can be left at the facility until the next day. (Initial) * Applicant(s) agree to be responsible for any damages caused by you or your group. You will be responsible for the repair or replacement cost of the item(s) damaged or stolen. (Initial) *Tables and chairs cannot be taken outside for any reason. (Initial) *For weekend events, the key MUST be picked up by 3:00 p.m. on the Friday prior to the event, or the last work day of the week prior to the event. Failure to return the key on the Monday following the event (or the next business day) will result in an additional $100 fee. (Initial) FAILURE TO READ THESE RULES WILL NOT EXCUSE YOU FROM ANY RESPONSIBILITY IN THE CASE OF LOSS OR DAMAGE TO TOWN PROPERTY!!! THE TOWN OF FARMVILLE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE, LOSS, OR INJURY INCURRED WHILE USING ANY OF THE TOWN OF FARMVILLE FACILITIES. I have read and understand the terms and conditions for use of the facility. By signing this form, I agree as the applicant to abide by the terms and conditions and understand that I will be held responsible and financially accountable for any damages occurring as a result of my event. Date Applicant Date Approval _

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  • Advance Masterworks will advance all or any portion of the funds necessary to acquire the Painting to the Company. If Masterworks pays or has paid a deposit or other funds to the seller prior to the acquisition of the Painting as a prepayment of part of the purchase price, such deposit or funds shall be non-recourse to the Company prior to the acquisition of the Painting by the Company, at the time of acquisition of the Painting such amounts, if any, will be deemed to be an advance obligation payable by the Company to Masterworks. An advance may only be used by the Company to purchase the Painting. The advance will be recorded on the books and records of the Company and Masterworks as an intercompany loan and will not accrue interest. The advance will be repaid in installments upon each closing of the Offering in cash and or a combination of cash and Class A shares of the Company (valued at $20 per share for such purposes). Unless the Parties otherwise agree to a different allocation, each payment that occurs in connection with a closing of the Offering shall be prorated between the true-up and the advance based on the relative size of each obligation. Under no circumstances will any portion of the advance remain as an outstanding obligation of the Company following the final closing of the Offering and the application of the use of proceeds therefrom.

  • Travel Advance Regular employees who are required to travel shall be provided with an adequate travel advance. The amount of advance will be determined by such factors as time away from the campus or learning centre and the frequency of reimbursement.

  • Request for Advance Subject to the following conditions, the Borrower may request an Advance to be made by ensuring that the Agent receives a completed Drawdown Notice not later than 11.00 a.m. (Hamburg time) 3 Business Days prior to the intended Drawdown Date.

  • Subsequent Advances The obligation of FINOVA to make any advance or issue or cause any Letter of Credit to be issued hereunder (including the initial advance or Letter of Credit) shall be subject to the further conditions precedent that, on and as of the date of such advance or Letter of Credit issuance: (a) the representations and warranties of Borrower set forth in this Agreement shall be accurate, before and after giving effect to such advance or issuance and to the application of any proceeds thereof; (b) no Event of Default and no event which, with notice or passage of time or both, would constitute an Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, or would result from such advance or issuance or from the application of any proceeds thereof; (c) no material adverse change has occurred in the Borrower's business, operations, financial condition, in the condition of the Collateral or other assets of Borrower or in the prospect of repayment of the Obligations; and (d) FINOVA shall have received such other approvals, opinions or documents as FINOVA shall reasonably request.

  • Loan Advances In accordance with the related Confirmation Statement and subject to clause (i) above, Lender shall advance a Loan to Borrower in a principal amount up to the applicable Advance Amount. Each Loan advance hereunder shall be recorded as such by Lender and be evidenced by the "Loan Schedule" attached to the Note, and any repayments of each such Loan shall be recorded as such by Lender and be evidenced by such "Loan Schedule"; provided, however, that the failure of such recordation by Lender shall not affect the rights of the parties hereunder with respect to such Loan.

  • Termination; Advance Payments Upon termination of this Lease pursuant to Paragraph 6.2(g) or Paragraph 9, an equitable adjustment shall be made concerning advance Base Rent and any other advance payments made by Lessee to Lessor. Lessor shall, in addition, return to Lessee so much of Lessee's Security Deposit as has not been, or is not then required to be, used by Lessor.

  • Drawdown Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, each Advance shall be made to the Borrowers following receipt by the Agent from the Borrowers of a Drawdown Notice not later than 10:00 a.m. on the third Banking Day before the date, which shall be a Banking Day falling within the Drawdown Period for such Advance, on which the Borrowers propose such Advance is made. A Drawdown Notice shall be effective on actual receipt by the Agent and, once given, shall, subject as provided in clause 3.6.1, be irrevocable.

  • Term Loan Advances Subject to the prior satisfaction of all other applicable conditions to the making of a Term Loan Advance set forth in this Agreement, to obtain a Term Loan Advance, Borrower (via an individual duly authorized by an Administrator) shall notify Bank (which notice shall be irrevocable) by electronic mail by 12:00 p.m. Pacific time on the Funding Date of the Term Loan Advance. Such notice shall be made by Borrower through Bank’s online banking program, provided, however, if Borrower is not utilizing Bank’s online banking program, then such notice shall be in a written format acceptable to Bank that is executed by an Authorized Signer. Bank shall have received satisfactory evidence that the Board has approved that such Authorized Signer may provide such notices and request Term Loan Advances. In connection with such notification, Borrower must promptly deliver to Bank by electronic mail or through Bank’s online banking program a completed Payment/Advance Form executed by an Authorized Signer together with such other reports and information, as Bank may request in its sole discretion. Bank shall credit proceeds of any Term Loan Advance to the Designated Deposit Account. Bank may make Term Loan Advances under this Agreement based on instructions from an Authorized Signer or without instructions if the Term Loan Advances are necessary to meet Obligations which have become due.

  • Repayments of Interest Advances or the Final Advance Subject to Sections 2.06, 2.07 and 2.09 hereof, the Borrower hereby agrees, without notice of an Advance or demand for repayment from the Liquidity Provider (which notice and demand are hereby waived by the Borrower), to pay, or to cause to be paid, to the Liquidity Provider on each date on which the Liquidity Provider shall make an Interest Advance or the Final Advance, an amount equal to (a) the amount of such Advance (any such Advance, until repaid, is referred to herein as an "UNPAID ADVANCE"), plus (b) interest on the amount of each such Unpaid Advance as provided in Section 3.07 hereof; PROVIDED that if (i) the Liquidity Provider shall make a Provider Advance at any time after making one or more Interest Advances which shall not have been repaid in accordance with this Section 2.05 or (ii) this Liquidity Facility shall become a Downgraded Facility or Non-Extended Facility at any time when unreimbursed Interest Advances have reduced the Maximum Available Commitment to zero, then such Interest Advances shall cease to constitute Unpaid Advances and shall be deemed to have been changed into an Applied Downgrade Advance or an Applied Non-Extension Advance, as the case may be, for all purposes of this Agreement (including, without limitation, for the purpose of determining when such Interest Advance is required to be repaid to the Liquidity Provider in accordance with Section 2.06 and for the purposes of Section 2.06(b)

  • Initial Advance On or prior to the Closing Date, Borrower shall have delivered to Agent the following: