Days of Employment Sample Clauses

Days of Employment. 314 The regular workday and/or assigned days of an employee being placed in a new or vacant 315 position will be scheduled by the Superintendent and announced by job vacancy notice.
Days of Employment. 1. The work year for cafeteria employees will be 175 days. The meeting held between the cafeteria employees and the cafeteria manager prior to the beginning of the school year will count as one of the 175 days of employment. Cafeteria employees may work and be paid for 170 days by completing a waiver (available in the Business Office) by June 30 of the prior year.
Days of Employment. A. The negotiated annual salary is based upon 186 days of employment. If additional days are scheduled in the calendar, they will be paid on the basis of 1/186 of the annual salary for each day worked. If additional days are contracted with members, compensation will be on the basis of 1/186 of the annual salary for each day worked. In the event the members work less than 186 days or take unpaid or unauthorized leaves of absence, then said members shall have such days deducted from their salary at the rate of 1/186 times said salary for each day.
Days of Employment. A work calendar for unit members shall be negotiated annually. The Parties shall meet no later than February 15th of each school year to negotiate unit member work days. The negotiated work calendar shall be incorporated as an appendix to this agreement and incorporated into this Agreement.
Days of Employment. This provision shall not require any employee to become a member of the Union, nor shall the fair share fee exceed that percentage of the normal dues used by the Union in administration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The deduction of a fair share fee by the Employer from the payroll check of the employee and its payment to the Union is automatic and does not require the written authorization of the employee. Employees who are not member of the employee organization shall have all rights prescribed in Section 4117.09(C) of the Ohio Revised Code.
Days of Employment. The work year for TA’s will be 180 days. A teaching assistant who is required to work beyond 180 days will be compensated at his/her hourly rate for the additional hours worked. Beginning in the 2013-14 school year, the work year for TA’s will be 186 days.
Days of Employment. The number of days of service for the academic year shall be 39 175 days. The number of days of service for counselors shall be 195 days. There shall be 175 40 days of instruction each academic year.
Days of Employment. The number of days of service for the academic year is 175
Days of Employment. One day of employment for which the Employee would have been credited under the general rules with at least one Hour of Service shall be equivalent to 10 Hours of Service.
Days of Employment. In the event that Employee's employment is terminated by the Company without Cause more than ninety (90) days after the Effective Date, the Company shall, on the conditions set forth herein, pay Employee severance pay in a gross amount, before applicable withholdings, equal to six (6) months of Employee's annualized base salary at the time of such termination, less the amount of any debt then owed by Employee to the Company, whether or not such debt is then due or payable (the "SEVERANCE AMOUNT"). Notwithstanding the foregoing, Employee shall only be entitled to receive the Severance Amount if Employee signs a Separation Agreement at the time of termination in a form prepared by and acceptable to the Company that includes adequate provisions for at least the following: (i) Employee's general release of any and all legal claims; (ii) Employee's return of all of the Company's property in Employee's possession; (iii) nondisparagement of the Company, any affiliated entities, and their employees and representatives; (iv) confidentiality of terms; and (v) acknowledgement of Employee's continuing contractual obligations to the Company, including Employee's continuing noncompetition, confidentiality, and invention obligations under Sections 7 through 10 of this Agreement; and (vi) Employee's forfeiture of ninety percent (90%) of the Severance Amount upon any breach by Employee of his noncompetition, confidentiality, and invention obligations under Sections 7, 8 or 9 of this Agreement.