Upon reasonable notice Sample Clauses

Upon reasonable notice the Servicer shall permit the Indenture Trustee and its agents at any time during normal business hours to inspect, audit and make copies of and abstracts from the Servicer's records regarding any Trust Student Loan.
Upon reasonable notice the Landlord shall permit Tenant to access the Tenant’s Generator Area of the Building at reasonable times for purposes of Tenant’s exercise of its rights under this Paragraph 4.32.
Upon reasonable notice. The University reserves the right to terminate this contract for any reason, including but not limited to lack of available housing. Any termination by The University will be approved by the Director of University Student Housing or designee. Reasonable notice will normally be seventy-two (72) hours; however, The University reserves the right to require a student to vacate in less than seventy-two (72) hours if deemed appropriate by the Director of University Student Housing.
Upon reasonable notice to Borrower from Lender, Borrower hereby grants to Lender, and its employees and agents, the right, during regular business hours, to visit any location of Borrower or, if applicable, any other location, and to inspect the products and quality control records relating thereto at Borrower’s expense.
Upon reasonable notice an employee or representative with written permission of the employee shall have the right to inspect the employee’s personnel record and receive a copy of information in compliance with ORS 652.750(2).
Upon reasonable notice the Seller will provide the Buyer with access to the Plant to inspect any and all raw materials or Products.
Upon reasonable notice the Employer shall permit access to its work premises of a representative of the Union. The representative will advise the Association of the purpose of the visit and its anticipated duration, and will not disrupt the operations of the Association staff. Permission to enter the Employer’s premises shall not be unreasonably denied.
Upon reasonable notice. Buyer shall be entitled to visit and inspect Seller's facility sites during normal business hours and Seller shall cooperate to facilitate such visits. Buyer's inspections shall in no way relieve Seller of its obligation to deliver conforming Product or waive Buyer's right of inspection and acceptance at the time the Products are delivered.
Upon reasonable notice an employee shall be provided the opportunity to review his personal and disciplinary file. However, the employee will not be entitled to review information pertaining to an investigation or evidence pertaining to possible or pending litigation and/or grievances and/or arbitrations.
Upon reasonable notice each of CTI and SC shall (and shall cause each of its subsidiaries to) afford the other parties hereto, and their officers, employees, counsel, accountants and other authorized representatives, during normal business hours throughout the period prior to the Effective Date, access to all of its and its subsidiaries' properties, books, contracts, commitments and records and, during such period, it shall (and it shall cause each of its subsidiaries to) furnish promptly to the other party hereto (a) a copy of each report, schedule and other document filed by it pursuant to the requirements of federal or state securities laws and (b) all other information concerning its business, properties and personnel as the other parties hereto may reasonably request, provided that no party shall be required to provide any such information or documents to the other party which specifically relate to the deliberations concerning the transactions contemplated hereby. Neither party hereto will use any information obtained pursuant to this Paragraph (D) for any purpose unrelated to the consummation of the transactions contemplated by the Plan and, if the Merger is not consummated, each party hereto will hold all information and documents obtained pursuant to this Paragraph (D) in confidence unless and until such time as such information or documents otherwise become publicly available or as such party is advised by counsel that any such information or document is required by law to be disclosed, and in the event of the termination of the Plan, each party will deliver to the other parties all documents so obtained by it and any copies thereof which relate to such other parties.