ON THE JOB Sample Clauses

ON THE JOB. The News Editor or supervisor will answer questions relating to news writing and give information and guidance to News Desk Associates, as time permits. News Desk Associates may, insofar as it does not interfere with their normal duties, submit sample news scripts to the Editor for criticism, at the Editor's convenience.
ON THE JOB. Exclusively for the purposes and practices of this substance-free (drug-free) workplace program: during working hours, while performing work duties, while acting within the scope of employment, and / or while on, in, or using Liberty Township premises or Township property (e.g. equipment, vehicle, machines, etc.) for business activities including within the scope of employment. Subject to the alcohol-exception guidelines in this program, it also includes breaks, meal periods, and time between split shifts regardless of whether the Employee is actually on Township premises.
ON THE JOB. ARTICLE 4.1 SAFETY Section I Safety clothing and devices currently provided by Management shall continue to be provided, as long as the need exists. The Association will encourage all members of the Unit to utilize said safety clothing and devices to the fullest extent possible.
ON THE JOB. Training Prior to a non-voluntary lay off occurring, the Employer shall assess each remaining existing Regular vacancy in the Bargaining Unit where it had been previously determined by the Employer that the displaced Employee could not meet the threshold requirements of the vacancy. Where the Employer determines that the displaced Employee could meet the threshold requirements of an existing Regular vacancy if provided with on-the-job training of up to one hundred and fifty (150) hours (worked) in addition to the usual orientation period, the displaced Employee shall be offered the existing Regular vacancy with a requirement to complete the training.
ON THE JOB. 4.1 Safety 22 4.2 Personnel Folders 22 4.3 Acting Assignment Pay 23 4.4 Rest Periods 24 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 4.0 ON THE JOB 4.5 Rain Gear 24 4.6 Uniforms or Other Required Work Clothing 24 4.7 Telecommuting 24
ON THE JOB. 4.1 Safety 24 4.2 Personnel Folders 24 4.3 Acting Assignment Pay 25 4.4 Rest Period 26 4.5 Rain Gear 26 4.6 Uniforms 27 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page
ON THE JOB. 4.1 Safety 18 4.2 Personnel Folders 18 4.3 Appearance 18 4.4 Equipment 19 4.5 General 19