The Supervisor definition

The Supervisor. Data Controller”; “Data Processor”; “Personal Data” or “personal data”; “Data Subject”; “Processing” or “processing”; “Sensitive Personal Data
The Supervisor is the person that is in day-to-day charge of sharing knowledge and experience with the candidate. The supervisor must ensure that the level and quality of output of his/her section is maintained, while simultaneously giving exposure and responsibility to candidates in his/her particular area of. S/he is a tutor supervising the work of the candidate and is the person to whom the candidate reports to directly and on a daily basis. Candidates will probably have several supervisors during their training period as they move from one department to another.
The Supervisor means the person appointed to act in that position by the General Manager of Weddin Shire Council

Examples of The Supervisor in a sentence

  • The Supervisor led the assembly in the pledge of allegiance to the flag.

  • The Supervisor may also order that the layer be removed entirely and replaced with fresh material to be stabilised.

  • The Supervisor shall make a final determination on the appeal within ten (10) business days of receipt.

  • The Supervisor shall attempt to adjust the matter and respond orally to the employee and/or the Union representative within three (3) days.

  • The Supervisor or designee may establish written training assignments to enable an employee to gain the additional experience and training required for the job for a period of time not to exceed two years.

More Definitions of The Supervisor

The Supervisor means the Isle of Man Data Protection Supervisor;
The Supervisor means where the supervision order places the supervised person under the supervision of the Department, such officer of the Department as is for the time being assigned to him by the Department.
The Supervisor means the person appointed as census supervisor under section 1, and
The Supervisor is: Address: Tel: Fax: e-mail:
The Supervisor means the supervisor for the time being of the property;
The Supervisor means the Supervisor of Banks appointed under section 5 of the Banking Ordinance;