Union Stewards Sample Clauses

Union Stewards. The Hospital agrees to recognize union stewards to be elected or appointed from amongst employees in the bargaining unit for the purpose of handling grievances as provided under this Collective Agreement. Union stewards have their regular duties and responsibilities to perform for the Hospital and shall not leave their regular duties without first obtaining permission from their immediate supervisor. Such permission shall not be unreasonably withheld. If, in the performance of his grievance duties, a union xxxxxxx is required to enter an area within the Hospital in which he is not ordinarily employed, he shall report his presence to the supervisor in the area immediately upon entering it. When resuming his regular duties and responsibilities, such xxxxxxx shall again report to his immediate supervisor. A union xxxxxxx shall suffer no loss of earnings for time spent in performing the above duties during his regular scheduled working hours. The number of stewards, the areas which they represent, are to be determined locally and will be set out in the Local Provisions Appendix.
Union Stewards. 6.1 The Accredited Union Representatives shall inform the appropriate EPSCA Representative and the Employer of the xxxxxxx, in writing, of the names of all stewards, one of whom shall be designated Chief Xxxxxxx, as they are appointed and when they cease to act as stewards, except as noted below. Any xxxxxxx, other than a Chief Xxxxxxx, shall exercise his duties only in respect to employees of his Employer. A Chief Xxxxxxx, in order to carry out his duties in respect to employees of other than his Employer, shall first involve the EPSCA Representative. Any xxxxxxx shall obtain permission from his immediate supervisor before leaving his work area for union business. Such permission shall not be unreasonably denied. Except at Xxxxx Nuclear Power Development (BNPD): Only in situations where an accredited Union Representative is unable to attend pre-job and/or xxxx-up meetings, may the Chief Xxxxxxx be designated and attend, as part of the Chief Xxxxxxx'x duties, on behalf of the accredited union representative. In cases where the Chief Xxxxxxx is an employee of OPG, Xxxxx Power L.P. or Hydro One, he shall not be considered the Xxxxxxx for the purposes of owner- only contracts. The Union shall have the right to appoint a Xxxxxxx on such contracts who shall be considered the Xxxxxxx with respect to employees of employers on such contracts. All Operating Engineers shall report to the Chief Xxxxxxx prior to commencing work for the purpose of verifying membership and clearance to the appropriate project and/or contractor. Notwithstanding the above, upon the Chief Xxxxxxx’x request, Employers on owner-only contracts will in a timely manner provide the Chief Xxxxxxx with information/documentation acceptable to him to verify union status/ membership of employees.
Union Stewards. The Hospital agrees to Union stewards to be elected or appointed from amongst employees in the bargaining unit who have completed their probationary period for the purpose of dealing with Union business as provided under this Collective Agreement. A Chief Xxxxxxx or designate may, in the absence of any xxxxxxx, assist in the presentation of any grievance, or with any xxxxxxx function. The Union shall keep the Hospital notified in writing of the names of Union stewards appointed or selected under this Article as well as the effective date of their respective appointments. It is agreed that Union stewards have their regular duties and responsibilities to perform for the Hospital and shall not leave their regular duties without first obtaining permission from their immediate supervisor.
Union Stewards. The Union may elect or designate Union Stewards by classification within each department (who shall be recognized by the Employer). The Union Xxxxxxx is recognized as an authorized representative of the Union for settling grievances and disputes. Representatives of the Employer with authority to settle such matters will meet with the Union Xxxxxxx and work for the resolution of such matters. One (1) Union Xxxxxxx who has participated in the informal procedure shall, with prior approval, attend grievance meetings scheduled by the Employer without loss of wages or benefits. If the Union expressly requests that a Xxxxxxx attend a meeting the Employer will not unreasonably deny such a request. However, an employee acting as Xxxxxxx shall not be compensated at more than their straight time rate of pay while performing the duties of a Xxxxxxx and shall not be compensated if performing the duties of a Xxxxxxx on their scheduled day off.
Union Stewards. The City and the Union agree that good labor relations are fostered and maintained through prompt, decisive and fair adjustment of grievances at the lowest possible administrative level. The Union may select a reasonable number of stewards from within the represented Unit. The Union shall provide a current list of stewards, regularly updated, to the City showing employee name and classification. The City will recognize a xxxxxxx or officer selected by the Union as its representative in settling grievances with the City management. It is understood and agreed that the handling of any grievance will not unreasonably interfere with the duties of the xxxxxxx as an employee. Accordingly, a xxxxxxx who is released by a supervisor to investigate a grievance or to meet with City officials shall return promptly to his/her assigned duties. One xxxxxxx shall be relieved from assigned work duties by the supervisor to attend meetings arranged with management and to investigate and process grievances initiated by other employees within the same work area. In no event shall the xxxxxxx order any changes, and no changes shall be made except with the consent of the appropriate Department Heads. The Union Field Representative shall be permitted to enter work areas where the members are employed during normal working hours for the purpose of ascertaining whether the terms and conditions of this Agreement are being observed, to observe working conditions and to assist in the processing of grievances. The Union Field Representative shall provide the Public Works Director, or his/her designee, with a minimum of two (2) days notice before arrival.
Union Stewards. 38.01 The Employer agrees to recognize Employees who are assigned as Union Stewards. A Union Xxxxxxx may, at the request of an Employee, accompany or represent them in various meetings including: a formal investigation, duty to accommodate, return to work and disciplinary meetings, as well as meetings related to the processing of a grievance with the Employer. When it becomes necessary for a Union Xxxxxxx to leave their job for any of the aforementioned purposes they will request time off from their immediate Supervisor who is not within the scope of this Collective Agreement providing them with as much advance notice as possible. Arrangements will be made by the Supervisor to permit the Union Xxxxxxx to leave their job for this purpose with no loss of regular earnings, as soon as reasonably possible. Such time off shall be granted only upon the approval of the Supervisor or authorized alternate, such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.
Union Stewards. Union Stewards shall be selected with the following limitations:
Union Stewards. University of Oregon Three (3) Union Stewards Portland State University Three (3)
Union Stewards. (a) The Employer recognizes the right of the Union to conduct an election or select from among the employees who are members of the Union, a Chief Xxxxxxx/Xxxxxxx(s) to handle such Union business at the Company where he/she is employed, as may from time to time be delegated to him/her by the Union. The name of such Chief Xxxxxxx/Xxxxxxx(s) shall be reported to the Employer. The Union shall designate the areas for which the Chief Xxxxxxx/Xxxxxxx(s) is responsible. Union Chief Xxxxxxx/Xxxxxxx(s) employed by the Employer shall be required to fulfill their obligations to the Employer and the Employer’s guests and to perform their job duties as any other employee covered by the Agreement. Shop Stewards shall not interrupt employees while working.