Bulletin Boards Sample Clauses

Bulletin Boards. The Employer shall provide bulletin board facilities for the exclusive use of the Union, the sites to be determined by mutual agreement. The use of such bulletin board facilities shall be restricted to the business affairs of the Union.
Bulletin Boards. The Employer shall provide bulletin boards which shall be placed so that all employees will have access to them and upon which the Union shall have the right to post notices of meetings and such other notices as may be of interest to the employees.
Bulletin Boards. The Union may post notices on bulletin boards or on an adequate part thereof in places and locations where notices usually are posted by the Employer for employees to read. All notices shall be on Union stationery, signed by an official of the Union, and shall only be used to notify employees of matters pertaining to Union affairs. The notices may remain posted for a reasonable period of time. No material shall be posted which is inflammatory, profane or obscene, or defamatory of the Commonwealth or its representatives, or which constitutes election campaign material for or against any person, organization or faction thereof.
Bulletin Boards. Bulletin boards will be supplied by the Union and will be placed in lunchrooms and other areas in the store as mutually agreed. It is understood that these bulletin boards are the property of the Union and shall be for their exclusive use. Bulletins authorized by the Union concerning the following may be posted by a person so authorized by the Union:
Bulletin Boards. The Employer shall provide lockable bulletin boards at each work location in areas mutually agreed to on a local basis, for the exclusive use of the Union. The Union shall be responsible for all items posted on the bulletin board. Each item posted shall be dated and initialed by the Union official approving the posting. The Union shall ensure that items are not illegal, defamatory, political, or partisan and that no item is detrimental to the safety and security of the institution. At the time of posting, the Union shall provide a copy of all items to the Employer. The Employer shall not permit the posting of notices by non-exclusive representative employee organizations on Employer bulletin boards.
Bulletin Boards. The Employer will maintain bulletin board(s) or space on existing bulletin boards currently provided to the Association for Association communication. In bargaining units where no bulletin board or space on existing bulletin boards has been provided, the Employer will supply the Association with a board or space. Material posted on the bulletin board will be appropriate to the workplace, politically non-partisan, in compliance with state ethics laws, and identified as Association literature. Association communications may not be posted in any other location in the agency.
Bulletin Boards. The respective Department/Agency shall provide a suitable bulletin board or an appropriate alternative space for the use of the Labor Council at each work facility for the purpose of posting bulletins, notices and other materials affecting the employees in the bargaining unit. The posting of any Labor Council materials shall be restricted to such bulletin board space except that, in each work location where a bulletin board is not provided for the Labor Council, the Department shall designate an appropriate alternative space where such materials may be posted. Any material posted will be dated and signed by the appropriate Labor Council and Department representative prior to such posting. The Labor Council agrees not to post any material which is profane, obscene or defamatory to the Employer, its representatives, or any individual, or which constitutes campaign material between competing employee organizations. The Labor Council representative and facility administrator shall be held responsible for maintaining the accuracy and ethical standards of any material posted pursuant to this Section. The Labor Council representative or facility administrator shall remove any materials in violation of this Section. The unresolved posting of material at a Department facility may be referred to the Office of Collective Bargaining for final resolution.
Bulletin Boards. The Employer agrees to provide the Union with bulletin boards in the Clinic for the purpose of posting Union notices and official papers. Notices will be posted only by officers of the Union and will be in keeping with the spirit and intent of this Agreement.