Definition of Team Leader

Team Leader means: (i) in respect of FirstService, [redacted]; (ii) in respect of New FSV, [redacted]; and (iii) in respect of Jayset, Jayset CIG, Jayset FSV and Hennick, [redacted]; [Redaction of Team Leaders]

Examples of Team Leader in a sentence

Each Team Leader shall coordinate the assignment of persons to its Transition Team and shall assess and monitor the performance of the Transition Services.
If a Transition Team member or Team Leader shall be unavailable to work on the Transition Services for more than five (5) Business Days, then he or she shall appoint a temporary or permanent replacement.
The following individuals are designated as key personnel for the purposes of this Agreement: Name Role/Title % of time Jack Newman Chief Science Officer 60% Sunil Chandran Team Leader 100% B. When replacing any of the personnel identified above, the Performer must demonstrate that the qualifications of the prospective personnel are acceptable to the Government as reasonably determined by the Program Manager.
Each party shall designate a member of its Transition Team as the leader of its Transition Team (each a Team Leader).
Prior to the initial joint meeting described in Section 1.5 of this Agreement, each party shall submit to the other party a written list identifying its initial Team Leader and the initial members of its Transition Team including each persons title, areas of expertise and relevant telephone, fax and email information, and the Company shall provide such information to each party with respect to the Company Designee.