Team Leader definition

Team Leader means an employee who is in a set or team and who is generally responsible for the work executed by the employees comprising such set or team;
Team Leader means a registered nurse appointed as such for a nominated period as specified by the employer. Only one registered nurse shall be so appointed at any one location at any one time. Team leaders shall carry out such supervisory and resource management duties as are reasonably required and shall receive an allowance as set out in Item 1 of Table 2 - Allowances, of Part B.
Team Leader means a member of the Security Personnel designated by the Contractors as team leader and identified to the Owners.

Examples of Team Leader in a sentence

  • If you are not happy with the inspecting officer’s action you should contact the Team Leader on the telephone number shown at the head of the covering letter in the first instance.

  • The Team Leader will be contacted if weather conditions are unfavorable and require moving the event.

  • Also check against position terminology and adjust where there may be no Team Leader or Project Director/Corporate Representative.

  • The Team Leader will have the overall responsibility of organizing and completing the review, submitting the final report as well as supervising the local consultant.

  • A Proposal shall be rejected if the Team Leader scores less than 60% (sixty per cent) marks or any two of the remaining Key Personnel score less than 60% (sixty per cent) marks.

More Definitions of Team Leader

Team Leader means a teacher selected by the Director to co-ordinate a team of Teachers responsible for the educational instruction, student welfare and vocational needs of students.
Team Leader means an employee who has completed a Certificate IV in Disability (or approved equivalent) and has been appointed as such.
Team Leader means the personnel who will lead, co-ordinate and supervise the team for the Consultancy and shall be responsible for the timely, efficient and satisfactory delivery of services in relation to the Consultancy; and
Team Leader means a person appointed to the position of Team Leader.
Team Leader means the Party submitting the proposal to Client and fulfilling the leadership role in Project management.
Team Leader shall be defined as a nurse assigned by a Director to facilitate the co-ordination of planning and delivery of service by staff to a geographical area or in a special program.
Team Leader has the meaning set forth in Section 5.1.