Definition of Team Leader

Team Leader means the personnel who will lead, co-ordinate and supervise the team for the Consultancy and shall be responsible for the timely, efficient and satisfactory delivery of services in relation to the Consultancy; and All terms and words not defined herein shall, unless the context otherwise requires, have the meaning assigned to them in the RFP.

Team Leader means: (i) in respect of FirstService, [redacted]; (ii) in respect of New FSV, [redacted]; and (iii) in respect of Jayset, Jayset CIG, Jayset FSV and Hennick, [redacted]; [Redaction of Team Leaders]

Examples of Team Leader in a sentence

Each Team Leader shall coordinate the assignment of persons to its Transition Team and shall assess and monitor the performance of the Transition Services.
The APA Team Leader supplies some of the information requested on the form.
If a Transition Team member or Team Leader shall be unavailable to work on the Transition Services for more than five (5) Business Days, then he or she shall appoint a temporary or permanent replacement.
Team Leader Team member Evaluation Award Number (contract or other instrument) USAID Project(s) Evaluated (Include project name(s), implementer name(s) and award number(s), if applicable) Power Distribution Program (PDP) International Resources Group (IRG) I have real or potential conflicts of interest to disclose.
The following individuals are designated as key personnel for the purposes of this Agreement: Name Role/Title % of time Jack Newman Chief Science Officer 60% Sunil Chandran Team Leader 100% B.