The Services definition

The Services means those services ancillary to the supply of above goods, such as printing of special instructions on the label and packing, design and logo of the Institute/ Hospital, Insurance, transportation of goods up to the desired destinations, commissioning, training and other such obligations of the supplier covered under the Contract.

Examples of The Services in a sentence

  • The Services and all work associated therewith shall be high‐quality in all respects.

  • The Services do not involve any assessment or evaluation to independent safety standards, and we and our affiliates have no responsibility to make any independent safety assessment of any samples.

  • The Services under this CONTRACT shall be performed in accordance with generally accepted standards of the profession and requirements contained in the MANUAL.

  • The Services will be limited to an assessment of your samples’ conformity to requirements, specifications, and/or protocols you have established (“Your Requirements”), and do not express any opinion regarding the bulk from which the samples were drawn.

  • The Services are able to provide some of their own training as qualified RTOs. For example, the majority of Navy‐initiated training is provided through Navy Schools as an RTO, but TAFE colleges still form a vital component of Navy’s training system.

More Definitions of The Services

The Services means services to be provided by the tenderer including any documents, which the tenderer is required to provide to KRA under the Contract.
The Services means services or art thereof to be provided by the Contractor and includes all of the materials and incidentals, which the Contractor is required to perform and provide to KPLC under the contract.
The Services means the services set out in the Terms of Reference (Section 3).
The Services means providing maintenance services for external plant which the Supplier is required to supply to the Purchaser under the contract.
The Services. - shall mean the Services and/or Products to be provided and/or supplied by the Service Provider, and as set out in the Schedule