AGREED TO Sample Clauses

AGREED TO. On behalf of Xxxxxxx College On behalf of the DCFA February 7, 2023 | 9:28 AM PST Date: UN: MOA Initials ER: DocuSign Envelope ID: 90CB42AF-C276-47A9-AB49-D2B2EB112037 Tentative Agreement Between Xxxxxxx College and the DCFA Effective the date of ratification, the Employer and the Union agree to the following housekeeping amendment:
AGREED TO. LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES INC. BY: /s/ ---------------------------------------------- TITLE: Vice President, Enterprise Networks ------------------------------------------- DATE: 8/6/98 ------------------------------------------- PARADYNE CORPORATION BY: /s/ Andrxx X. Xxx ---------------------------------------------- TITLE: CEO ------------------------------------------- DATE: 8/6/98 -------------------------------------------- GLOBESPAN SEMICONDUCTOR INC. BY: /s/ ---------------------------------------------- TITLE: President and CEO ------------------------------------------- DATE: 8/28/98 --------------------------------------------
AGREED TO. Date: ,2012 By On Behalf of Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx AGREED TO: Date: ,2012 By:_ On Behalf of Lowe’s HIW, Inc.
AGREED TO. For the North Xxxxxxx Central School District For the North Xxxxxxx Teacher Association MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT BETWEEN NORTH XXXXXXX CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT AND NORTH XXXXXXX TEACHER ASSOCIATION This Memorandum of Agreement is entered into by and between the North Xxxxxxx Central School District (“District”) and the North Xxxxxxx Teacher Association (“NCTA”), together hereinafter the “Parties”.
AGREED TO. Date: August 5, 2021 By: Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx AGREED TO: Date: August , 2021
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AGREED TO. Date: Nov 1, 2023 AGREED TO: Date: By: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx
AGREED TO. Date: August 8, 2021 By: On Behalf of Ecological Alliance, LLC AGREED TO: Date: July 22, 2021 By: Xxxxxxxx X. Xxxxxx, Assistant Secretary On Behalf of Xxxxxxx Xxxxx & Xxxxxx, Inc.
AGREED TO. Verified: -------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Employee Date General Manager, Registry Date -70- 39 EXHIBIT C REGISTRY BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST AVOIDANCE CERTIFICATION I hereby certify that I have received training in and understand the requirements of conflict of interest issues and the requirements of the Organizational Conflict of Interest Compliance Plan of the Registry Business of Network Solutions, Inc. I certify that I will strictly comply with the provisions of this Plan. I understand my obligation to (i) refrain from any activities which could pose a personal conflict of interest and (ii) report to the General Manager of the Registry Business, any conflict, whether personal or organizational, which is perceived or identified during the course of my employment with the Registry Business.
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