THE EMPLOYEES Sample Clauses

THE EMPLOYEES. 10.1 The parties agree that the sale pursuant to this agreement will constitute a relevant transfer for the purposes of TUPE and, accordingly, that it will not terminate the contracts of employment of any of the Employees, which shall be transferred to LECG pursuant to TUPE with effect from the Completion Date.
THE EMPLOYEES. The employment of the affected employees will be transferred in accordance with the rules and regulations in the Employment Protection Act and other relevant labour legislation. The principle of merger of equals shall be reflected in connection with the appointment of positions and assignment of duties. To the extent seniority is emphasised in such or any other situation, seniority in the Hydro Group and the Statoil Group respectively shall be considered equal in the Merged Company. Moreover, the Parties will attach importance to providing information to and to consult with the employees and their representatives in connection with the execution of the Merger.
THE EMPLOYEES. The existing rights, benefits, pension rights, (collective) agreements and social plans applicable to the employees of KAS BANK will be respected or replaced with equivalent arrangements. The Offer shall not have an impact on such currently existing agreements. The existing arrangements with the Works Council, trade unions and employee consultation processes will be respected. CACEIS will aim to ensure that the employees of KAS BANK have increased career opportunities, personal development and training. The governance KAS BANK will evolve into CACEIS' Dutch branch, who will maintain local Dutch management and expertise. CACEIS will maintain and respect the operating of the Managing Board and Supervisory Board until the Dutch branch has been launched successfully. The integration The Integration is aimed at strengthening the KAS BANK's local product and service offering to all its clients. The Integration aims at using CACEIS' centers of excellence in the most efficient way, avoiding double work. CACEIS will aim to avoid redundancies wherever it can and respect the agreed social plan of KAS BANK in case of redundancy.
THE EMPLOYEES. The provisions of Schedule 20 (The Employees) shall have effect as if set out in this Clause 10 (The Employees).
THE EMPLOYEES. 2.5.1 The Sellers warrant that to the best of their knowledge, they have acted and shall act until the Cutoff Date in accordance with all laws and that they have employed and shall employ (until the Cutoff Date) all of the Assimilated Employees under employment agreements that are consistent with the requirements of the law, and that they have fulfilled and/or shall complete all of their obligations to the Assimilated Employees by the Cutoff Date, and shall pay the Assimilated Employees all conditions, sums, benefits and rights owed to them with respect to their employment by the Sellers by law and/or agreement by the Cutoff Date, in a manner that is consistent with the labor laws (including collective agreements and/or extension orders, if applicable to the Sellers) and/or custom, including with respect to withholding tax and tax payments and with respect to social provisions, and including with respect to any other special condition or conditions and additional bonuses owed to the them and any and all financial entitlements of any and all kinds whereto any of the Employees may be entitled by law and/or agreement. The Sellers do not know of any claims and/or demands by the Assimilated Employees in respect of the period of their employment until the date of signing of this Agreement, and to the best of the Sellers' knowledge no such claims are expected in respect of the period ending on the Cutoff Date. All of the Sellers' agreements with the Assimilated Employees in the Acquired Operation, whether in writing, orally or by virtue of the law, are enumerated in Annex 2.5.1 to this Agreement, and there are no additional understandings and/or arrangements and/or promises and/or covenants of any and all kinds, in writing or orally, which were made or concluded between the Sellers and any of the Assimilated Employees in the Acquired Operation. Copies of the agreements with the Assimilated Employees and the last pay slip of each of them are attached to this agreement as Annex 2.5.1 and constitute an additional and integral representation by the Sellers in the framework of this Agreement. Except for the agreements with the Sellers' Employees, there are no employment agreements in the Acquired Operation whereto the Sellers are a party.
THE EMPLOYEES. 5. The Manager acknowledges that on Completion the contracts of employment between the Seller and the Employees shall have effect as if made between the Manager and the Employees (save only insofar as such contracts relate to any occupational pensions scheme)
THE EMPLOYEES. 11.1 The parties acknowledge and agree that the sale and purchase pursuant to this Agreement will constitute a relevant transfer for the purposes of the Transfer Regulations and that it will not operate so as to terminate any of the contracts of employment of the Employees and such contracts shall be transferred to the Purchaser pursuant to the Transfer Regulations with effect from the Transfer Date.
THE EMPLOYEES. 12.1 The parties agree that the such is the nature of the Assets sold pursuant to this agreement, that the sale and purchase pursuant to this agreement will not constitute a relevant transfer of any Employees for the purposes of TUPE. Mr Mark Hillier and Mr Luke Hillier, the Seller’s principal contacts with Toys R Us shall upon reasonable notice and at mutually convenient times be made available to the Buyer for four months from the Completion Date provide reasonable assistance to the Buyer with the relationship with Toys R Us.