Mutually Agreed definition

Mutually Agreed means mutually agreed in writing between the Youth Justice Board and the Contractor.
Mutually Agreed or "by mutual agreement" means agreement between the employer and the majority of employees directly affected in the workplace or a section or sections of it, or the employer and an individual employee directly affected.
Mutually Agreed means agreed in writing between the employer and the branch secretary of the Union.

Examples of Mutually Agreed in a sentence

Mutually Agreed Solution The Parties may reach an agreed solution to a dispute under this Part at any time and shall notify the Committee of Senior Officials of any such solution.

In Compliance With This Request For Proposal And To All The Conditions Imposed Therein And Hereby Incorporated By Reference, The Undersigned Offers And Agrees To Furnish The Goods/Services In Accordance With The Attached Signed Proposal Or As Mutually Agreed Upon By Subsequent Negotiations.

Mutually Agreed Resignation (MAR) is a scheme under which an individual employee, in agreement with their employer, chooses to leave employment in return for a severance payment.

A Mutually Agreed Resignation Scheme (MARS) is a form of voluntary severance and has been developed with the aim of increasing the flexibility to organisations as they address periods of change and service redesign, in light of the financial circumstances in which they operate.

When determining payment rates employers should take into consideration the relative costs of alternatives to a Mutually Agreed Resignation.

More Definitions of Mutually Agreed

Mutually Agreed means agreed in writing between the Employer and the Employee.
Mutually Agreed means mutually agreed in writing between COI and the Contractor.
Mutually Agreed means agreed between Contractor (or Contractor’s Authorised Representative) and Company, such agreement not to. be unreasonably withheld or delayed by either party and with both parties acting in good faith with a view to seeking such agreement. Company (acting reasonably) may decide any matter required to be Mutually Agreed hereunder after the expiry of the Term or in the event that Contractor or Contractor’s Authorised Representative is not available to agree such matter (Company having made
Mutually Agreed and its derivations means both partiesdesignated representatives are in agreement on a proposed action. Such agreements shall be in writing. In the event the designated representatives cannot Mutually Agree on a proposed action within sixty
Mutually Agreed means mutually agreed between COI and the Contractor in writ­ing.
Mutually Agreed means mutually agreed in writing between the authorized representatives of the Client and the Supplier at any time after the date of this Agreement;