LEAVE FOR Sample Clauses

LEAVE FOR. Medical Reasons A physically or mentally incapacitated employee, who has exhausted his accumulated sick leave and vacation time may request up to six (6) months of personal leave without pay if he/she can present evidence as to the probable date on which the employee will be able to return to his classification. Such request should be in writing, with supporting evidence attached. Upon request to return, the employee may be required to present medical documentation that he/she is able to perform the duties of his position and/or the employee may be required by the Employer to submit to a medical examination to determine his fitness to return to duty and fully perform the duties of his classification.
LEAVE FOR. Employees, upon written application to the Company, setting forth good cause, will be granted a personal leave of absence, without pay, for a period of one month which may be extended because of ill health or other good and sufficient cause. When a leave of absence is granted by the Company to any employee, the Union will be notified. An employee who is granted a temporary leave of absence for personal reasons will continue to be covered for a maximum of thirty calendar days by all features of the Employee Benefit Programmes, during such leave, under this Section Leave Upon the request of an employee on active service with the Company, a leave of absence, not to exceed twelve months, shah be granted in connection with a pregnancy which commenced after the employee’s spouse became an employee of the Company. Upon notification in writing to the Company that the employee is available for work, and, in any event, upon expiration of the period of leave granted, the employee shall be considered eligible for recall and the employee’s accumulated seniority at the time of taking leave shall determine the right of recall. Seniority shall accumulate during Parental Leave and shall terminate if the employee fails to report for work within five working days after being notified by the Company that she/he has been recalled. An employee’s reinstatement after Parental Leave will he conditional on her supplying, when requested, a bona fide certificate from a qualified physician that she is capable of resuming her full work load.
LEAVE FOR a family medical leave-qualifying event may be taken intermittently when certified as medically necessary. Employees must make reasonable efforts to schedule leave for planned medical treatment so as not to unduly disrupt the Employer’s operations. Leave due to qualifying exigencies may also be taken on an intermittent basis.
LEAVE FOR. E- I Leave of absence as provided for in shall be given up to (50) days during any calendar year on the following basis: provided that two nurses shall be absent for any such leave from the Surgical Site at one time and only one nurse be absent for any such leave at any time a unit ten nurses or less; provided that staffing patterns can be maintained by utilizing part-time staff. the not schedule nurse's regular day off €or the date a leave of absence requested and granted provided that requests are received one (1 week prior to the posting of the time schedule; the Hospital Will writing, within two weeks of the request having been made. F HOURS OF SCHEDULING FULL TIME A nurse will receive premium pay as provided for in Article for all hours worked on a third and subsequent weekend save and except where:
LEAVE FOR. CHILD CARE RESPONSIBILITIES Maternity-­‐related Reassignment and Leave Reassignment and job modification
LEAVE FOR. In the case of of an employee's immediate family, husband, wife, s daughter, at er or mother, who permanently reside with employee, and when no one at home other than the employee can provide for needs of the ill the employee may be granted, after notifying his Head or delegated official, leave with ay to five days per annum, for purpose of making such arrange as are necessary to permit the employee' return to work. The Deputy Head may require proof of the need for such a. he considers far An employee shall be granted leave f absence with pay up to two days for critical condition which re his attention resulting from emergency (flood, fire, etc.) cannot be served by others or attended to the employee at a time when h normally off duty. a leave of absence without pay for employees. for Dental Employees shall be allowed paid leave of a se e up to days per annum in order to engage in personal preventive m d and dental care. Such leave be debited against sick leave credits.
LEAVE FOR a qualifying exigency must be supported by a copy of the covered military member’s active duty orders and certification providing the appropriate facts related to the particular qualifying exigency for which leave is sought, including contact information if the leave involves meeting with a third party. A second and third opinion and recertification are not permitted for certification of a qualifying exigency. The employer may contact the individual or entity named in a certification of leave for a qualifying exigency for purposes of verifying the existence and nature or the meeting.