The Department Sample Clauses

The Department. Unit shall post a list of part-time faculty members and course assignments by August 31, January 15 and April 30, with a copy sent at the same time to the Association.
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The Department. Procedures
The Department. 37. The Department will pay for the satisfactory performance and eligible activity of the Provision as set out in Schedule 2 (Payments).
The Department. The Department shall be responsible for leading the historic properties review of State undertakings associated with the State 404 Program. The Department shall, in accordance with the provisions of Sections II and III below, perform the following duties in support of this Agreement:
The Department. The staff assigned to the PMO for the Department shall include the Contract Manager, and may include additional staff as necessary.
The Department wiOO WDNH DFWLRQ EDVHGpro viRsioQna l aWnKd H ,QV confirmed outcomes as in Clauses 12.4 to 12.5 above. Where the Department is made aware that the Provider has made a complaint about the graded outcome of the overall assessment by Ofsted, the Department will continue to progress action under Clauses 12.4 to 12.5 but will be mindful of the implications arising from the outcome of a complaint. The Department will review any decisions made at such time as outcomes of any complaint are made known.
The Department. The Department hereby promises, in consideration of the covenants and agreements made by the Cost Share Recipient and Landowner(s) herein, to obligate to the Cost Share Recipient the amount described above and to tender to the Cost Share Recipient that portion of the obligation which is required to pay the Department’s share of the costs based upon the state providing the agreed-to amount not to exceed the Department cost-share percentage of eligible project costs accrued by the reimbursement request date. The Department agrees that the Cost Share Recipient shall have sole control of the method, hours worked, and time and manner of any performance under this agreement other than as specifically provided herein. The Department reserves the right to inspect the job site or premises upon providing the Landowner(s) and Cost Share Recipient with at least 24 hours advance notice for the sole purpose of insuring that the performance is progressing or has been completed in compliance with the agreement. The Department takes no responsibility of supervision or direction of the performance of the agreement to be performed by the Cost Share Recipient or the Cost Share Recipient’s employees or agents. The Cost Share Recipient is an Independent Contractor for all purposes, not employees or agents of the Department. The Department further agrees that it will exercise no control over the selection and dismissal of the Landowners’ or Cost Share Recipient’s employees or agents.
The Department. Shop Xxxxxxx and Chief Xxxxxxx shall be allowed time off to discuss grievances with the Supervisor without loss of pay.
The Department. While other functional areas of the Department (e.g. Policy, Corporate) have dealings with the Inspectorate as required, the relationship between the two parties is primarily embodied in the interaction between the Inspectorate and the Criminal Justice Governance function, which has primary Departmental responsibility for the oversight of all criminal justice agencies under the Minister’s aegis. Criminal Justice Governance comprises seven Principal Officer- led teams, each of which has specific dealings with the Inspectorate as follows:
The Department. The Department shall terminate a sponsor's participation in the program by written notice whenever it is determined by the Department that the Sponsor has failed to comply with the conditions of the Program. Shall inform the Sponsor of its right to request a review of decisions made by the Department which affect the participation of a sponsor in the Program or the Sponsor's claim for reimbursement CHILD AND ADULT CARE FOOD PROGRAM is approved to operate (To be completed by the Department) EFFECTIVE DATE: The DEPARTMENT and the SPONSOR MUTUALLY AGREE to Comply with and meet all responsibilities and requirements set forth in 7 CFR Part 226 Child and Adult Care Food Program Regulations and 8 NMAC 2.2