The Transaction Sample Clauses

The Transaction. 6 2.1 Purchase and Sale of Assets......................................6 2.2
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The Transaction. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Plan of Merger, the Merger shall be carried out in the following manner:
The Transaction. At the Closing, the Selling Shareholder shall transfer to the Buyer, and the Buyer shall accept from the Selling Shareholder, the Sale Shares, free and clear of any Lien and with all rights attaching on and from the Closing, and the Buyer shall issue to the Selling Shareholder, and the Selling Shareholder shall subscribe for, the Subscription Shares on the terms and subject to the conditions of this Agreement. Initial by: 5 Buyer [ ] / Selling Shareholder [ ]
The Transaction. On the terms and subject to the conditions set forth herein, each Seller agrees to sell, and each Purchaser, severally and not jointly, agrees to purchase, the Shares for the purchase price (the “Purchase Price”) specified on such Exhibit A hereto.
The Transaction. At the time of consummation thereof, the Transaction shall have been consummated in all material respects in accordance with the terms of the relevant Documents therefor and all applicable laws. At the time of consummation thereof, all material consents and approvals of, and filings and registrations with, and all other actions in respect of, all governmental agencies, authorities or instrumentalities required in order to make or consummate the Transaction in accordance with the terms of the relevant Documents therefor and all applicable laws have been obtained, given, filed or taken and are or will be in full force and effect (or effective judicial relief with respect thereto has been obtained). All applicable waiting periods with respect thereto have or, prior to the time when required, will have, expired without, in all such cases, any action being taken by any competent authority that restrains, prevents, or imposes material adverse conditions upon the Transaction. Additionally, there does not exist any judgment, order or injunction prohibiting or imposing material adverse conditions upon any element of the Transaction, the occurrence of any Credit Event, or the performance by Holdings and its Subsidiaries of their respective obligations under the Documents and all applicable laws.
The Transaction. (a) The Transaction Documents are in full force and effect, no material breach, default or waiver of any term or provision thereof by Company or any of its Subsidiaries or, to the best of Company’s knowledge, the other parties thereto, has occurred (except for such breaches, defaults and waivers, if any, consented to in writing by Administrative Agent) and no action has been taken by any competent authority which restrains, prevents or imposes any material adverse condition upon, or seeks to restrain, prevent or impose any material adverse condition upon, any component of the Transaction.
The Transaction. 2.1 The Buyer and the Seller agree to act cooperatively, reasonably and in good faith.
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The Transaction. On the Closing Date, and at the Closing Time, on, and in all instances subject to, each of the terms, conditions, provisions and limitations specified in this Agreement, the Seller shall sell, transfer, convey, assign, deliver and set over to the Purchaser, by instruments satisfactory in form and substance to the Purchaser, and the Purchaser shall acquire from the Seller, the Acquired Assets, subject to the Assumed Liabilities, and only those Liabilities and no others, in exchange for the Consideration. The assets specified on Schedule 2.1 to this Agreement, the provisions of which, by this reference, are made a part of this Agreement as though specified completely and specifically at length in this Section 2.1, are all the assets reasonably necessary for the conduct of the Acquired Business in the ordinary course and in the same manner as that in which such business has been conducted in the immediate past, including, but not limited to, all Proprietary Rights of the Seller so used in the ordinary conduct of the Acquired Business and all contract, warranty, and other intangible rights relating to or resulting from such Acquired Business. Neither the Purchaser nor any of its Affiliates is assuming, becoming liable for, agreeing to discharge or in any manner becoming in any way responsible for, any of the Liabilities of the Seller, other than those Liabilities expressly specified on Schedule 2.1 and accepted by the Purchaser pursuant to this Section 2.1.
The Transaction. On the terms and subject to the conditions set forth herein, each Seller agrees to sell, and Purchaser agrees to purchase, for an aggregate cash purchase price of $271,884,611.25 (the “Purchase Price”) all of the Sellers’ Warrants (the “Transaction”).
The Transaction. Section 2.1
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