For the purpose of this Agreement Sample Clauses

For the purpose of this Agreement a) When Christmas Day is a Saturday or on a Sunday, a holiday in lieu thereof shall be observed on 27
For the purpose of this Agreement. (a) "Bargaining Unit Seniority" is defined as the length of continuous service within the Bargaining Unit since the most recent date of hire.
For the purpose of this Agreement. Students shall be defined as those employees in the bargaining unit who are attending school and employed during the school vacation period and/or those who are employed during the school year.
For the purpose of this Agreement a full-time teacher shall be deemed to have taught pupils upon all days authorized in Section 205(1) of the current Education Act. A regular part-time teacher, whose assignment is 0.4 FTE or greater, shall have the same entitlements as full-time teachers, subject to the conditions set out in Clause 6.2.
For the purpose of this Agreement. 1.1 TIME is billed at the applicable rate as outlined in Section 3.2 of this Agreement.
For the purpose of this Agreement. 1) The term «investments» means every kind of assets and rights related to investments made by investors of either Contracting Party in the territory of the other Contracting Party in accordance with the laws of the latter, including mainly but not exclusively:
For the purpose of this Agreement the parties agree that sexual harassment shall be defined as:
For the purpose of this Agreement 

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  • PURPOSE OF THIS AGREEMENT The purpose of this Agreement is to -

  • SCOPE OF THIS AGREEMENT 2.1. This Agreement, including Parts A through L, Tables One and Two and exhibits, specifies the rights and obligations of each Party with respect to the establishment, purchase, and sale of Local Interconnection, Collocation, resale of Telecommunications Services and Unbundled Network Elements. Certain terms used in this Agreement shall have the meanings defined in PART A – DEFINITIONS, or as otherwise elsewhere defined throughout this Agreement. Other terms used but not defined in this Agreement will have the meanings ascribed to them in the Act and in the FCC’s and the Commission’s rules, regulations and orders. PART B sets forth the general terms and conditions governing this Agreement. The remaining Parts set forth, among other things, descriptions of the services, pricing, technical and business requirements, and physical and network security requirements.

  • Termination of this Agreement Prior to the First Closing Date, this Agreement may be terminated by the Representatives by notice given to the Company if at any time (i) trading or quotation in any of the Company's securities shall have been suspended or limited by the Commission or by the Nasdaq Stock Market, or trading in securities generally on either the Nasdaq Stock Market or the New York Stock Exchange shall have been suspended or limited, or minimum or maximum prices shall have been generally established on any of such stock exchanges by the Commission or the National Association of Securities Dealers, LLC; (ii) a general banking moratorium shall have been declared by any of federal, New York, Delaware or California authorities; (iii) there shall have occurred any outbreak or escalation of national or international hostilities or any crisis or calamity, or any change in the United States or international financial markets, or any substantial change or development involving a prospective change in United States' or international political, financial or economic conditions, as in the judgment of the Representatives is material and adverse and makes it impracticable or inadvisable to market the Common Shares in the manner and on the terms described in the Prospectus or to enforce contracts for the sale of securities; (iv) in the judgment of the Representatives there shall have occurred any Material Adverse Change; or (v) the Company shall have sustained a loss by strike, fire, flood, earthquake, accident or other calamity of such character as in the judgment of the Representatives may interfere materially with the conduct of the business and operations of the Company regardless of whether or not such loss shall have been insured. Any termination pursuant to this Section 9 shall be without liability on the part of (a) the Company to any Underwriter, except that the Company shall be obligated to reimburse the expenses of the Representatives and the Underwriters pursuant to Sections 5 and 6 hereof, (b) any Underwriter to the Company, or (c) of any party hereto to any other party except that the provisions of Section 7 shall at all times be effective and shall survive such termination.

  • ACCEPTANCE OF THIS AGREEMENT Prior to enrolling in this Service and accepting the Agreement, you should carefully read and consider the following information. Within this agreement “You” and “

  • Execution of this Agreement If the Recipient does not sign and return this Agreement, the Company is not obligated to provide the Recipient with any benefit hereunder and may refuse to issue shares of CDI Stock to the Recipient in connection with this Grant. If the Recipient receives any shares of CDI Stock in connection with this Grant but has not signed and returned this Agreement, he or she will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the terms set forth herein. CDI CORP. RECIPIENT By: Signature: Print Name: Date:

  • Duration of this Agreement This Agreement shall become effective at the start of business on the date hereof and shall continue in effect, unless terminated as hereinafter provided, for a period of one year and from year-to-year thereafter only if such continuance is specifically approved at least annually by the Board of Directors, including the vote of a majority of the directors who are not parties to this Agreement or "interested persons" (as defined in the Investment Company Act of 1940) of any such party, cast in person at a meeting called for the purpose of voting on such approval, or by the vote of the holders of a majority (as so defined) of the outstanding voting securities of each class of United and by the vote of a majority of the directors who are not parties to this Agreement or "interested persons" (as so defined) of any such party, cast in person at a meeting called for the purpose of voting on such approval.