To Assist Sample Clauses

To Assist. To assist employees who have identified areas needing improvement, in making those improvements.
To Assist. To assist employees who have identified areas needing improvement in 42 making those improvements. 43
To Assist. To assist employees who have identified areas needing improvement, in 435 making those improvements. 436 3. Remediation: To identify employees whose professional performance is 437 unsatisfactory and for whom remediation is needed.
To Assist. As used in the Union classification descriptions connotes that an employee in a classification will provide whatever operational help is necessary to accomplish a task, function or end. “To assist” does not necessarily infer that another co-worker or employee must be constantly present during the accomplishment of a task.‌ Unavailable – An employee shall be considered unavailable for overtime in the following situations:‌ - The employee is on sick or funeral leave within 24 hours prior to the scheduled overtime, except sick or funeral leave of less than four (4) hours.‌ - While the employee is on vacation and until he/she returns from vacation to his/her regular shift unless the employee provides prior written notification to his/her Supervisor of his/her availability.‌ - The employee has signed an overtime waiver form indicating that he/she does not wish to work any overtime.‌ - The employee is on an unpaid leave of absence, layoff, Regular or Worker’s Compensation.‌ - Except that only in the Custodial Department if it becomes necessary to assign overtime, the language in Article 42 and 43A shall apply and overtime waivers will not be recognized. However the Employer will not arbitrarily and/or capriciously assign employees.‌‌‌‌‌‌ In these situations the employee will not be contacted for overtime, but will be charged the average number of overtime hours of the employees working during the overtime period.‌ Union – Whenever the words Local 1585 or Union appear in this Agreement, they shall mean AFSCME Local Union Number 1585, AFL-CIO.‌ University or Employer – Whenever the words University or Employer appear in the Agreement, they shall mean Michigan State University.‌ Workers’ Compensation‌
To Assist. Consolidated Digital Publishing in the protection of its proprietary rights, you shall:

Related to To Assist

  • Legal Assistance The Board shall give full support including legal and other assistance for any assault upon the employee while properly acting in the discharge of his/her duties.

  • Tuition Assistance Bargaining unit employees can enroll in university or college, vocational technical school or extension courses. The course may be by correspondence or attendance at classes during non-working hours or during working hours with approval of the Agency Head and/or his/her Designee. Where practicable, in relation to work requirements, the Employer shall be liberal with the approval of requests for accrued/unused vacation leave, flex-time scheduling, compensatory time, or leave without pay for the purpose of enabling employees to attend classes conducted during an employee's regularly scheduled work hours.

  • Technical Assistance The State agrees to provide technical assistance regarding the State’s rules, regulations and policies to the Sub- Recipient and to assist in the correction of problem areas identified by the State’s monitoring activities.

  • Mutual Assistance The parties agree, subject to further proceedings required by law, to take such actions, including the execution and delivery of such documents, instruments, petitions and certifications, as may be necessary or appropriate, from time to time, to carry out the terms, provisions and intent of this Agreement and to aid and assist each other in carrying out said terms, provisions and intent of this Agreement.

  • Mandatory Assistance If a third party dispute or litigation, or both, arises out of, or relates in any way to the services provided to the City under a Contract, Contractor , its agents, officers, and employees agree to assist in resolving the dispute or litigation upon City’s request. Contractor’s assistance includes, but is not limited to, providing professional consultations, attending mediations, arbitrations, depositions, trials or any event related to the dispute resolution and/or litigation.

  • Financial Assistance Subject to the terms and conditions contained herein, the Director hereby grants to the Recipient financial assistance, as established in this section, for the sole and express purpose of paying or reimbursing the eligible costs certified to the Director under this Agreement for the completion of the Project.

  • Relocation Assistance The Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, (42 U.S.C. § 4601), prohibits unfair treatment of persons displaced or whose property has been acquired because of Federal or Federal-aid programs and projects.