To Assist Sample Clauses

To Assist. To assist employees who have identified areas needing improvement in making those improvements.

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Technical Assistance Training and technical assistance is available to Subrecipient to assist in the development and implementation of the CRF. This technical assistance shall be provided by Florida Housing staff and Florida Housing’s Catalyst contractor.
Mutual Assistance The parties agree, subject to further proceedings required by law, to take such actions, including the execution and delivery of such documents, instruments, petitions and certifications, as may be necessary or appropriate, from time to time, to carry out the terms, provisions and intent of this Agreement and to aid and assist each other in carrying out said terms, provisions and intent of this Agreement.
Financial Assistance Subject to the terms and conditions contained herein, the Director hereby grants to the Recipient financial assistance, as established in this section, for the sole and express purpose of paying or reimbursing the eligible costs certified to the Director under this Agreement for the completion of the Project.
Relocation Assistance Should the Executive move his residence in order to pursue other business opportunities within two (2) years of his Separation from Service, he will be reimbursed for any expenses incurred in that relocation (including taxes payable on the reimbursement) which are not reimbursed by another employer. Benefits under this provision will include the assistance in selling the Executive’s home which was customarily provided by the Corporation to transferred executives prior to the Change of Control.
Audit Assistance Each of the Parties and their respective Subsidiaries are or may be subject to regulation and audit by a Governmental Authority (including a Taxing Authority), standards organizations, customers or other parties to contracts with such Parties or their respective Subsidiaries under applicable Law, standards or contract provisions. If a Governmental Authority, standards organization, customer or other party to a contract with a Party or its Subsidiary exercises its right to examine or audit such Party’s or its Subsidiary’s books, records, documents or accounting practices and procedures pursuant to such applicable Law, standards or contract provisions, and such examination or audit relates to the Services, then the other Party shall provide, at the sole cost and expense of the requesting Party, all assistance reasonably requested by the Party that is subject to the examination or audit in responding to such examination or audits or requests for Information, to the extent that such assistance or Information is within the reasonable control of the cooperating Party and is related to the Services.
Educational Assistance To qualify for reimbursement, an employee must be a regular employee upon enrolment.To be approved, the courses described below must be related to the employee’s present position or career development:
Employee Assistance The Employer and the Union recognize that alcoholism and chemical dependency are chronic and treatable conditions. Efforts should be made to identify these conditions and treatment options established at an early stage to prevent or minimize erosion in work performance. The Employer and the Union will encourage and support employees' participation in appropriate programs including the UW Care Link services, through which employees may seek confidential assistance in the resolution of chemical dependency or other problems which may impact job performance. No employee's job security will be placed in jeopardy as a result of seeking and following through with corrective treatment, counseling or advice providing that the employee's job performance meets supervisory expectations.
Transition Assistance If this contract is not renewed at the end of this term, if the contract is otherwise terminated before project completion, or if particular work on a project is terminated for any reason, Contractor shall provide transition assistance for a reasonable, mutually agreed period of time after the expiration or termination of this contract or particular work under this contract. The purpose of this assistance is to allow for the expired or terminated portion of the services to continue without interruption or adverse effect, and to facilitate the orderly transfer of such services to the Department or its designees. The parties agree that such transition assistance is governed by the terms and conditions of this contract, except for those terms or conditions that do not reasonably apply to such transition assistance. The Department shall pay Contractor for any resources utilized in performing such transition assistance at the most current contract rates. If the Department terminates a project or this contract for cause, then the Department may offset the cost of paying Contractor for the additional resources Contractor utilized in providing transition assistance with any damages the Department may have sustained as a result of Contractor’s breach.
Valuation Assistance The Subadviser shall not be responsible for the provision of administrative, bookkeeping or accounting services to the Trust. The Adviser hereby acknowledges that the Subadviser is not responsible for pricing portfolio securities. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Subadviser agrees that, upon request of the Adviser, it shall reasonably assist the Adviser in obtaining prices for portfolio securities and, to the extent it may lawfully do so, provide the Adviser with reasonable information, data or analyses in its possession. The Adviser and the Trust acknowledge that any such information, data or analyses may be proprietary to the Subadviser or otherwise consist of nonpublic information, agree that nothing in this Agreement shall require Subadviser to provide any information, data or analysis in contravention of applicable legal or contractual requirements, and agree to use any such information only for the purpose of pricing portfolio securities and to maintain their confidentiality.
Litigation Assistance Except when it would constitute a direct conflict of interest for BA, BA will make itself available to assist CE in any administrative or judicial proceeding by testifying as witness as to an alleged violation of HIPAA, the HITECH Act, the Privacy or Security Rule, or other law relating to security or privacy.