PER MONTH Sample Clauses

PER MONTH. The District may choose to substitute two (2) Inservice Days with fourteen (14) one (1) – hour inservice sessions at a maximum of one per week. The teacher’s daily rate of pay is calculated by the teacher’s yearly salary divided by 189.
PER MONTH. Customer agrees to provide Chemdex with (i) the results of Customer's use and evaluation of the System, including any defects found in the System and any information necessary for Chemdex to evaluate such defects and (ii) any recommendations for changes or modification to the System. All data obtained during the Term shall be available for inspection and analysis by Chemdex personnel.
PER MONTH. Zero (0) to Six (6) years One (1) day Over Six (6) years but less than Fourteen (14) years One and one-half (1.5) days Over Fourteen (14) years Two (2) days Section Two (2): An employee who is in continuous employment for six (6) months shall have all of his/her employment count toward vacation days. In the event an employee leaves prior to six (6) months of continuous employment, no vacation time shall be allowed. Time off without pay shall not count toward vacation earnings if the employee is off without pay for the majority of the workweek. 4 Provided the employee works a minimum of one-half (1/2) of the working days in that month, i.e. not on workers comp or unpaid leave of absence. Section Three (3): Vacation day(s) must be requested and approved no less than three (3) days in advance. Emergency request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
PER MONTH. An additional will be added to these monthly amounts when the individual has not been able to bid on an alternative position because no alternative position has arisen for which he could bid through no fault of his own or should the Company require the Flight Crew Member to be held back for operational reasons.
PER MONTH. 1 Uniform Tie 1 Uniform Jacket Sick Time . employee to carry over accumulation to date.
PER MONTH. The Credit Union reserves the right to pay or return any transaction(s), which takes the account into overdraft at its discretion. (see fee schedule). Transactions that may be paid into overdraft include share drafts, debit card purchases (excluding ATM withdrawals) and ACH electronic debits. If you initiate a transaction that overdraws your account, you agree to make immediate payment of any overdrafts together with any service charges to the Credit Union. If you would like to opt out of the service of having NSF items paid into overdraft please contact the Credit Union. Refer to the Limitations Disclosure. If no funds are available in the Primary share account, the insufficient draft will be returned non-sufficient funds (NSF) and the member’s share draft account will be charged a fee (see fee schedule for costs). If the insufficient draft is reinitiated/resubmitted by the payee and is returned again as unpaid the credit union may impose a fee on the same transaction. The Credit Union is under no obligation to pay a share draft on which the date is more than six months old. There will be no grace period for payroll deduction deposits. The member will be charged for each NSF prior to payroll posting. Please do not write checks before your payroll is posted. If there’s a payroll deduction, direct deposit, or office staff problem not caused by an outside party, overdraft charges will be graciously refunded to the member’s share draft account. A share draft account will be closed by the Credit Union after sixty (60) calendar days of insufficient funds. The Credit Union reserves the right to close any share draft account where the member repeatedly has insufficient funds before the sixty (60) day period has expired. The rate schedule, terms and conditions of the share draft program may be altered in whole, or in part without prior notice to members by action of the Board of Directors.
PER MONTH. The whole/half of the premium (delete whichever does not apply) 3 shall be paid by the host.
PER MONTH. $195.00 Check Photocopy .....................................
PER MONTH. THIS IS A MANDATORY CHARGE AND SHALL BE IMPOSED IF RENT IS NOT PAID BY THE 5TH DAY AFTER ITS DUE DATE. (See paragraph 8 for additional information regarding check charges.)
PER MONTH. The Licensee hereby states that it has paid to the Licensor a sum of Rs. 17,02,667.40 as interest free security deposit in respect of the said premises, which the Licensor hereby duly acknowledges. This amount will be refunded to the Licensee on the expiry of the agreement or expiry of the extended terms if any.