Union Members Sample Clauses

Union Members. It is understood that the Employees who represent the Chapter on the Committee will be employed at the facility.
Union Members. 1303 The Union shall have the right to representation by the Canadian Union of Public Employees and/or legal counsel. 1304 School division employee representatives on the Bargaining Committee who meet with Board Representatives during working hours for the purpose of negotiations or settlement of a grievance or arbitration will not incur loss of remuneration.
Union Members. 7.1 Time off for Trade Union members may be allocated as follows:
Union Members. Each member of Law Enforcement Labor Services, Inc., (Local No. 31).
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Union Members. A new employee who is not a member of the Union on signing of this Agreement must become a member of the Union within thirty (30) days following his hiring. The Hospital shall deduct from the pay of each member of the bargaining unit, each pay period, such union dues fees and assessments as prescribed by the constitution of the Union. Dues and initiation fees so deducted shall be remitted along with a list of the names of employees from whom such deductions have been made prior to the fifteenth (15th) day of the month following the month for which the dues are payable to the International Treasurer, United Steelworkers of America, Box Postal Station A, Toronto, Ontario The monthly remittance shall be accompanied by a statement showing the name of each employee from whose pay deductions have been made, the total gross amount earned by each employee and the total amount deducted for the month along with form to the International Union. The Union agrees to indemnify and save the Hospital harmless against all claims or other forms of liability that may arise out of, or by reason of, deductions made or payments made accordance with this Article. The Hospital agrees to print the amount of total dues deductions paid by each employee for the previous calendar year on the income tax form.
Union Members. X. The Union shall notify the District immediately upon election of the Union officers and stewards, and if changes are made, the Union will notify the District of them as soon as possible.
Union Members. Employees in representation units referred to in Section 1. (Recognition) hereof, shall, either become or remain members of the Union or shall elect to be or remain a non-member. Union member dues deductions shall remain in full force and effect during the duration of this MOU. Employees who voluntarily are or who voluntarily become members of the Union shall remain members of the Union in good standing for the duration of this MOU. However, this provision shall not apply to any employees who within thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of this MOU withdraws from the Union by sending the Union a signed withdrawal letter.
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