Operational Requirements Sample Clauses

Operational Requirements. 4 At-Sea Monitors are deployed, in accordance with coverage rates developed by 5 NMFS and as assigned through the Pre-Trip Notification System (PTNS), to 6 vessels. Due to availability of funding, changes in the fishery management, 7 such as emergency closures, court ordered closures, weather, and unforeseen 8 events must remain flexible. Additional funding for sea days may be added to 9 the contract within the scope and maximum allowable sea days. 10 The following items define the operational services to be provided by the 11 contractor under this contract.
Operational Requirements. 13. ACCESS TO THE CONSUMER'S PREMISES
Operational Requirements. The provisions of Article 16:05 dealing with operational requirements apply equally to the selection procedures set out in sub-sections (i) and (ii) above.
Operational Requirements. Job-sharing arrangements will only be authorized where operational requirements permit and the provision of services is not adversely affected.
Operational Requirements. Consistent with the other provisions of the FAA, this Exhibit, and the Asset Manager Guidelines contained in Exhibit C, the Financial Agent shall provide the following services in support of the management and disposition of assets for the Account. The Financial Agent shall: Portfolio Management • Act as the Treasury’s asset manager, consistent with the Asset Manager Guidelines.
Operational Requirements. 10.1 For terms and conditions for nondiscriminatory access to Operations Support System (OSS) “functions” to CLEC for pre-ordering, ordering, provisioning, maintenance/repair, and billing provided by the requested Party, see Attachment 27: Operation Support Systems (OSS).
Operational Requirements. The Registered Name Holder complies with (i) ICANN standards, policies, procedures, and practices for which the Registry has monitoring responsibility in accordance with the Registry Agreement or other arrangement with ICANN; and (ii) Operational standards, policies, procedures, and practices for the Registry TLD established from time to time by the Registry in a non-arbitrary manner and applicable to all Registrars ("Operational Requirements"), including affiliates of the Registry, and consistent with the Registry's Registry Agreement with ICANN, as applicable, upon the Registry's notification to the Registrar of the establishment of those terms and conditions. Unless shorter notice is deemed necessary by the Registry in exceptional circumstances, additional or revised Operational Requirements shall be effective upon ninety (90) days notice by the Registry to the Registrar APPENDIX 'AP' FAMOUS FOUR MEDIA LIMITED SPECIFIC CONDITIONS - If the Order is either a .BID, .TRADE, .WEBCAM, .PARTY, .CRICKET, .ACCOUNTANT, .DATE, .DOWNLOAD, .FAITH, .RACING, .REVIEW, .WIN, .MEN, .LOAN or .SCIENCE domain name, the Registrant, you must agree to be bound by the following additional terms. In the event that a term in this Section conflicts with the Registration Agreement, the terms of this Section shall apply to any and all domain registrations with Famous Four Media. A non-exhaustive list of Famous Four Media gTLDs (the "Registry TLD") can be found at xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/our-gtlds/.
Operational Requirements. The Registrant must comply to the following operational requirements:
Operational Requirements. TENANT shall operate an On-Airport Rental Car Concession in a competent manner in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Lease, which includes the following: