Bargaining Units Sample Clauses

Bargaining Units. The bargaining units shall consist of:
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Bargaining Units. The Board recognizes the Association as the exclusive bargaining representative for negotiations as defined in 33-1271 of the Idaho Code for all professional certificated employees in the District, excluding superintendent, supervisors, and principals.Article 1 shall be in effect from July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017.
Bargaining Units or "Units" shall mean the Groups of employees covered by the New Brunswick Certification Order Numbers 034 PS 4e (Administrative Assistants), 030 PS 4b (Clerical and Regulatory) and 021 PS 4a (Office, Data Processing and Duplicating Equipment Operation) applies.
Bargaining Units. The Board recognizes the Association as the exclusive bargaining representative for negotiations as defined in 33-1271 of the Idaho Code for all professional certificated employees of the bargaining unit (hereinafter referred to as certificated employees) in the District, excluding superintendent, supervisors, and principals.Upon Board request, the Association shall provide within 60 days the District, written evidence establishing that the Association represents fifty percent (50%) plus (1) of the professional employees for negotiations every two years.Article 1 shall be in effect from July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020.
Bargaining Units. The Board recognized the Association as the exclusive bargaining representative of all certificated employees except those who spend fifty (50) percent or more of their time in administrative and/or supervisory activities.
Bargaining Units. The bargaining units for the purpose of this Agreement consist of all eligible employees of the Polk County Clerical Unit, Secondary Roads Unit, Maintenance/Custodial Unit and Paraprofessional/Professional Unit in the classifications as described in the PERB decision and Order Nos. 126, 227, 276, 339, 597, 768, 1052, 1106, 1147, 1254, 1443, 1770, 2507, 2616,2699, 2837, 2933, 3074, 3623, and 5504 and any and all job classifications created which are found to be non-exempt classifications under the Iowa Public Employment Relations Act.
Bargaining Units. The negotiating team shall consist of no more than three M.E.A. members and three board members. However, pursuant to I.C. 33-1273, in the event the Board of Trustees chooses to designate an individual other than the Superintendent or elected trustees of the District as its representative for negotiations, the Association may also designate an individual of its choosing to act as its representative for negotiations. Traditionally, the role of the Superintendent and District Clerk will be to advise and facilitate the team.
Bargaining Units. The requirements of Section 3.2 through Section 3.6 of this Appendix shall not apply with respect to any employee included in a unit of employees covered by an agreement which the Secretary of Labor finds to be a collective bargaining agreement between employee representatives and one (1) or more employers if there is evidence that retirement benefits are the subject of good faith bargaining between such employee representatives and such employer or employers. APPENDIX C QUALIFIED DOMESTIC RELATIONS ORDERS
Bargaining Units a. The Company recognizes the Union, (l) as certified in the following numbered representation cases before the National Labor Relations Board, Region VII, and, (2) as ordered by the same authority in clarification case VII-UC-17, (3) regarding certain employees of the Production Bargaining Unit as defined in Attachment D of the 1995 Agreement (also referenced the 1995 Agreement for identifica- tion of the previous individual Power Plant Bargaining Units, the Central Heat Bargaining Unit, the Power Plant Supply Group from the Stores Bargaining Unit and the Maintenance Bargaining Unit which were com- bined to form the Production Bargaining Unit), and (4) regarding certain employees of the Fermi 2 Bargaining Unit as defined in Attachment D of the 1995 Agreement and (5) classifications listed in Attachment A (OPT Election/Recognition history), and (6) the Gas Bargaining Unit under the Classification of Work and Wages, forming a part hereof, in the Customer Service Department, Distribution Operations, Meter Reading, Metering, Property Operation and Maintenance, Property Maintenance Operations, Field Service Operations, Stock and Transportation Departments or Divisions of its Detroit District, Credit and Collection, Corrosion in State- wide operations and Transmission and Storage Operations Division as the exclusive collective bargaining agent in all matters of wages, hours, work- ing and other conditions of employment for all employees constituting the respective separate bargaining units listed in Section 1 .lb, except as here- inafter provided. b. (For The Trade) — This Agreement covers all employees of the Company in the respective separate bargaining units listed below, some- times hereinafter referred to for convenience as “departments”, excluding in the Facilities Management and Services the employees of the Crane and Elevator Division, and excluding in all such bargaining units all student engineers, training personnel, assistant foremen, foremen, guards, techni- cal, clerical, part-time, temporary, seasonal, and supervisory employees: Bargaining UnitsCertification Case No. DateConstruction – WSC Shops (as combined with BellevueService Shops [VII-RC-3510, 6/19/57] and amended 2/17/60) VII-R-1452 06/17/43Electrical System SubstationsVII-R-117402/04/43Facilities Management & ServicesVII-R-145106/30/43(formerly Buildings & Properties) Fermi 2 Power Plant*Gas Division (as shown in the Gas Bargaining Unit Classification of Work and Wages)MeterVII-RC-9224 VII-RC-895306/15/72 06/24/68See Amendment No. 1To Agreement Dated June 10, 1993 Office Professional and Technical (as shown in the OPT election/ Recognition history in attachment A) Motor Transportation** VlI-R-1481 07/26/43Power Generation* – by mutualagreement of the parties 01/01/97Stores**VII-RC-213106/05/53Underground LinesVII-R-129506/11/43 * Reference Section 1.1 above**Consolidated into Stores and Transportation Department 11/1/62 c. (For those listed in attachment “A” OPT Election/Recognition histo- ry) Since the original elections and mutual recognitions referenced in Attachment A, the parties have occasionally agreed to change job titles and/or to create new job descriptions from existing classifications. Therefore, the Company also recognizes the Union as the exclusive repre- sentative in matters of wages, hours and working and other conditions of employment for all employees in those classifications listed in Attachment B (OPT Wage Rate Schedule) to this Agreement.
Bargaining Units or "Units" shall mean: the group of employees covered by New Brunswick Certification Order, 026 PS 2e Technical Inspection and 016 PS 2a Laboratory and Medical.