Bargaining Units Sample Clauses

Bargaining Units. The bargaining units shall consist of:
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Bargaining Units. The Board recognizes the Association as the exclusive bargaining representative for negotiations as defined in 33-1271 of the Idaho Code for all professional certificated employees in the District, excluding superintendent, supervisors, and principals.
Bargaining Units. The Union is the sole collective bargaining agent for all employees of the Xxxxxx Public Library Board in the Town of Xxxxxx save and except the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary-Treasurer to the Library Board, Deputy Chief Librarian, Confidential Secretary, Bookkeeper to the CEO, and persons covered by the subsisting Agreement.
Bargaining Units. This Master Agreement is applicable to a professional consolidated Bargaining Unit and a nonprofessional consolidated Bargaining Unit covering Forest Service employees as described in Appendix A. The Parties further agree that this Master Agreement will apply to additional groups of Forest Service employees for whom NFFE is certified as the exclusive representative. Appendix A is a guide to the Bargaining Units. It is not intended to change the status of units as they exist at the time of this Master Agreement. Upon certification of a new unit or an amendment to an existing unit, the Parties will meet to discuss implementation of this Master Agreement, as it pertains to the new unit.
Bargaining Units. There are two (2) bargaining units established by this Agreement. The first bargaining unit consists of all sworn, regular full-time members of the Madison Township Police Department (the "Department") who are below the rank of Sergeant. The second bargaining unit consists of all sworn, regular full-time members of the Department who are of the rank of Sergeant and above, excluding the rank of Captain and the Chief. The parties agree to engage in multi-unit bargaining for the purpose of reaching agreement for members of both bargaining units. Unless otherwise noted herein, the term "member" and/or "members" refers to bargaining unit(s) member(s) represented by the Lodge.
Bargaining Units. This provision shall be added to the MOU and be the subject of local implementation discussions between the bargaining unit and the school board. A reconciliation committee will be created with equal representation from the Board and the Bargaining Unit. The committee will meet monthly starting in June 2013to track targeted savings and expenditures. The cost of the ERIP shall be deducted from savings. All relevant information required to monitor and administer the reconciliation shall be fully shared between the parties. In the event that by November 30, 2013, savings are not on target to meet the financial goal equivalent to at least one (1) unpaid day, the ERIP program will be implemented. In the event of a dispute between the Board and Bargaining Unit about the financial necessity for an ERIP, the Board may choose not to offer the ERIP program. However,in the event that the financial savings for the cost recovery for the unpaid day are not subsequently achieved, the permanent teachers shall not be required to take an unpaid day on March 7, 2014. Attendance Recognition A Shared Savings Initiative (SSI) shall be established in every bargaining unit. The SSI shall operate as follows: Individual member sick leave usage for the 2013-2014 school year shall be as per the definition for sick leave in the 2008-2012 collective agreement and shall be determined as of June 30, 2014. If a permanent regular day school teacher bargaining unit member's usage is below six (6) full days of his/her days' absence then the member shall receive a payment equivalent to his/her daily rate. Annual compensation is not to exceed what would have been paid in the absence of unpaid days. For OECTA members, other than permanent regular day school teachers, the payment shall be equal to a member's regular daily rate of pay and shall be contingent upon the member having taken a VLAP day during the term of this collective agreement. The payment shall be made at the earliest opportunity following June 30, 2014. Sick Leave/Short Term Sick Leave and Disability Plan- Election and Optional Plan The MOU,in respect of Short Term Leave and Disability Plan,is to be changed as follows:
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Bargaining Units. County hereby recognizes Union as the bargaining representative for the purpose of establishing salaries, hours, fringe benefits, and working conditions for all employees within the following bargaining units: Unit 01 – General Clerical and Related Clerical Technicians Unit Unit 02 – Trades, Vocational, Custodial Xxxx Xxxx 00 – Public Services and Related Xxxx Xxxx 00 – Technical Services, Regulatory, and Related Xxxx Xxxx 00 – Public Defender Attorneys For the job classes included in these units see Attachment A.
Bargaining Units. 1. All positions on the M to Q salary schedule, including 11-month student support specialists, not otherwise excluded by the terms of Article 4, Recognition. (MCAAP-AAP)
Bargaining Units. The Employer hereby recognizes the OPBA as the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for the purpose of collective bargaining in this bargaining agreement for those employees in the bargaining unit certified in SERB Rep. Case 2017-REP-09-0099 existing within the Sheriff’s Office in the following classification: INCLUDED: All full-time employees employed in the Corrections Officer classification. EXCLUDED: All others.
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