During Working Hours Sample Clauses

During Working Hours. Wherever possible, grievances shall be processed during the normal working hours of the xxxxxxx. A xxxxxxx shall receive his regular rate of pay when grievances or pending grievances are processed with the Company on Company property or at any other place which is mutually agreed upon by both the Union and the Company.
During Working Hours. If any employee takes a medical examination during his normal working hours, he shall be paid for the time involved and thus not lose any pay as a result of his taking a medical examination and one (1) day's notice will be given the employee.
During Working Hours. No employee shall leave the plant during working hours without the permission of the head of the department.
During Working Hours. All employees shall be granted leave with pay from their work for such time as they may be required to serve in a court of law;
During Working Hours. It is understood that the scheduling of appointments is often not within the direct control of an employee. However, to the degree possible, employees shall endeavor to schedule medical, dental, business or other appointments prior to or following the work day. Employees will make good faith efforts to provide the College with advance notice.
During Working Hours. 8. If a private vehicle is used on enterprise business, employees shall receive a compensation per kilometre travelled corresponding to the rate applicable at any time, based on the government rates for use of private transport not exceeding 20,000 km per year, currently DKK 3.52.
During Working Hours. Maximum length of open trench shall be 100 feet. The CONTRACTOR shall use protection measures at all times to protect workers and the public from falling into trenches. Open trench lengths greater than 100 feet must be approved by the OWNER.
During Working Hours. In case of an emergency which threatens loss or injury of property, and/or safety of life during working hours, the Contractor shall act, without previous instructions from the City, as the situation may warrant. He/she shall notify the Director of the emergency and the action taken immediately thereafter. Any compensation claimed by the Contractor, together with substantiating documents in regard to expense, shall be submitted to the Director within 15 calendar days after the emergency. Compensation, if allowed, will be paid for as Extra Work.
During Working Hours. The City encourages its employees to better themselves through education. If it is necessary for an employee to take working time to attend class, the employee may be allowed to make up the hours during non-traditional working time, if work is available.
During Working Hours. Employees that are unable to continue performing their duties due to weather conditions shall be allowed straight time, provided they remain on duty. Weather conditions that present a risk to personal safety shall justify the application of this clause 13.26.4.