To provide Sample Clauses

To provide a complete report of the investigation to the Department Program Contract Manager and the Information Protection Unit within ten working days of the discovery of the breach or unauthorized use or disclosure. The report shall be submitted on the “Privacy Incident Reportform and shall include an assessment of all known factors relevant to a determination of whether a breach occurred. The report shall also include a full, detailed corrective action plan, including information on measures that were taken to halt and/or contain the improper use or disclosure. If the Department requests information in addition to that listed on the “Privacy Incident Report” form, Contractor shall make reasonable efforts to provide the Department with such information. If, because of the circumstances of the incident, Contractor needs more than ten working days from the discovery to submit a complete report, the Department may grant a reasonable extension of time, in which case Contractor shall submit periodic updates until the complete report is submitted. If necessary, a Supplemental Report may be used to submit revised or additional information after the completed report is submitted, by submitting the revised or additional information on an updated “Privacy Incident Report” form. The Department will review and approve the determination of whether a breach occurred and whether individual notifications and a corrective action plan are required.
To provide a copy of the relevant insurance certificate and policy to the Tenant at the start of the tenancy or as soon as possible thereafter.
To provide the Facility with a listing of students who will be participating under the program and to update that listing periodically.
To provide. Cabin Personnel with the rest and relaxation required for the performance of their duties;
To provide. May Davis with as many copies of the Offering Materials as May Davis may reasonably request.