BUT EXCLUDING Sample Clauses

BUT EXCLUDING. Executive Director, Comptroller, Office Supervisor, Water & Sewer Utilities Superintendent, Supervisor Water/Supervisor Sewer, Senior Clerk Typist, Secretary to the Executive Director, and any other employees of the Deptford Township Municipal Utilities Authority not specifically included in the categories set forth above
BUT EXCLUDING hiring bonuses; stay bonuses; retention ------------- bonuses; awards (including safety awards, "Gutbuster" awards and other similar awards); amounts received as deferred compensation; disability payments from insurance or the Long-Term Disability Plan for Employees of FMC Corporation; workers' compensation benefits; state disability benefits; flexible credits (i.e., wellness awards and payments for opting out of ---- benefit coverage); expatriate premiums; grievance or settlement pay; pay in lieu of notice; severance pay; accrued (but not earned) vacation; other special payments such as reimbursements, relocation or moving expense allowances; stock options or other stock-based compensation (except as provided above); effective January 1, 2000, any gross-up paid by a Participating Employer on any amount paid that is Regular Compensation (as defined herein); other distributions that receive special tax benefits; any amounts paid by a Participating Employer to cover an Employee's FICA tax obligation as to amounts deferred or accrued under any nonqualified retirement plan of a Participating Employer; and any gross-up paid by a Participating Employer on any amount paid that is not Regular Compensation (as defined herein). Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, no amounts paid to a Participant more than 30 days after his or her termination of employment with the Company or a Participating Employer will be considered Regular Compensation. A Participant's Regular Compensation will be conclusively determined according to the Company's records.
BUT EXCLUDING. All other personnel employed by the Board of Education of the Almont Community Schools, specifically: Superintendents, principals, secretarial and clerical employees, substitute teachers, cafeteria employees, paraprofessionals, high school completion, adult education, and community education teachers employed in the Community Education Department, and any other persons engaged more than half-time in the direct administration and supervision of other Board employees.
BUT EXCLUDING. the obligation to pay the Head Rent;


Excluding (a) All business derived directly or indirectly from any Pool, Association or Syndicate which maintains its own reinsurance facilities.
Including The word “including” or any variation thereof means “including, without limitation” and shall not be construed to limit any general statement that it follows to the specific or similar items or matters immediately following it.
Plus (iii) All such costs and expenses as may be incurred by the Administrative Agent in the enforcement of the Administrative Agent's rights against such Delinquent Revolving Credit Lender.
Claims Excluded The following are excluded from Company’s agreement to indemnify an Indemnitee under this Section 4.02:
Means Please note, not all items will have an exact answer, nor will every assembly total 100%. Please provide a response, based on your best interpretations of the contract documents, to ALL items listed. If you have questions concerning the assemblies identified, please contact a Project Controls Specialist - Cost at (512) 499-4600. Project No. & Title _______ - _______ ______________________________________________________ Project Stage Title ______________________________________________________ New Renovated Gross Square Feet (Not including basement) __________________ ___________________ Assignable Square Feet (Not including basement) __________________ ___________________ Number of Rooms __________________ Number of Stories At Grade & Above __________________ Average Story Height At Grade & Above (ft) __________________ Number of Basement Levels & Gross Square Feet 0 __________________ Building Perimeter (Lft.)* __________________ Type of Foundation * ____________________________________ Primary Superstructure System * ____________________________________ Primary Exterior Closure & Percent * ____________________________________ ____ Secondary ____________________________________ ____ Percentage of Exterior Glass / Glazing __________________ Primary Roofing System * ____________________________________ Primary Interior Partition Construction & Percent * ____________________________________ ____ Secondary * ____________________________________ ____ Number of Doors (A pair of doors equals two doors) __________________ Primary Interior Flooring & Percent * ____________________________________ ____ Secondary * ____________________________________ ____ Primary Interior Ceiling Construction & Percent * ____________________________________ ____ Secondary * ____________________________________ ____ Type of Conveying System & Number of Units * __________________ Number of Plumbing Fixtures Installed 0 __________________ Building HVAC CFM Requirements __________________ * Refer to Page 2 for definitions & lists. Project Scope Summary Instructions, Definitions & Lists - EXHIBIT L cont. Please use the definitions and lists below to complete the questions on the Exhibit L. If a project does not have an assembly (i.e.: basement) then insert “None” into the appropriate blank. If a project has an existing assembly that is modified or repaired then insert “Modify” or “Repair”, however, if a project scope does not modify or repair an existing assembly then insert “Existing” into the appropriate blank.
DAY OF 20……. The Customer :……………………………………………. As Witnesses: 1: ………………………………………….. 2:……………………………………………
Accrued (and theretofore unpaid) interest shall be payable (i) in respect of each Base Rate Loan, quarterly in arrears on each Quarterly Payment Date, (ii) in respect of each Eurodollar Loan, on the last day of each Interest Period applicable thereto and, in the case of an Interest Period in excess of three months, on each date occurring at three month intervals after the first day of such Interest Period and (iii) in respect of each Loan, on any repayment or prepayment (on the amount repaid or prepaid), at maturity (whether by acceleration or otherwise) and, after such maturity, on demand.
Means Not Applicable Note: This Cross-Reference Table shall not, for any purpose, be deemed to be a part of the Indenture. TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE ARTICLE ONE DEFINITIONS AND INCORPORATION BY REFERENCE
Breach excludes 11 1) Any unintentional acquisition, access, or use of PHI by a workforce member or 12 person acting under the authority of CONTRACTOR or COUNTY, if such acquisition, access, or use 13 was made in good faith and within the scope of authority and does not result in further use or disclosure 14 in a manner not permitted under the Privacy Rule.
Imputed Income The Company shall impute income to the Executive in an amount equal to the current term rate for the Executive’s age multiplied by the aggregate death benefit payable to the Executive’s beneficiary. The “current term rate” is the minimum amount required to be imputed under Revenue Rulings 64-328 and 66-110, or any subsequent applicable authority.